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1.9 MW solar plants to be set up at 11 places in 9 municipalities, CM approves 12.36 Cr

CM gives in-principle approval for works worth Rs. 12.36 crore for these plants: 1.98 crore electricity will be saved annually

GoG is committed under the leadership of Chief Minister to increase use of unconventional energy sources for green-clean energy under the inspirational guidance of Prime Minister

7 Sewage Treatment Plant in 9 towns – 3 Headworks- 1 in town hall premise Electricity will be saved by using solar energy

So far for 34 municipalities in the state for solar plants at 74 locations Rs. 39.90 crore sanctioned by the State Government

Estimates of total annual electricity cost savings of Rs. 10 crore


Gandhinagar, Monday:  Gujarat Chief Minister Mr. Bhupendra Patel has given in-principle approval to 9 municipalities in the state to set up 11 solar plants, realizing the call of Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi for green-clean energy by increasing the use of unconventional energy sources in the country. To reduce the electricity bill cost in the municipalities of the state through solar energy generation as well as for the utilization of clean-environment friendly solar energy in the towns Chief Minister gave consent for the establishment of solar plants for 11 different places of 9 towns for which Rs. 12.36 crore works were sanctioned.

In view of the fact that power consumption plays an important role in the operation of Sewage Treatment Plant STP in the towns of the state, Chief Minister has directed the Urban Development Department to generate power through solar panels in such STP plant premises.  For this purpose, Chief Minister has given in-principle approval for solar plant in 9 municipalities which includes Sanand, Porbandar-Chhaya, Khedbrahma, Bhuj, Himmatnagar, Amerli Rajpipla, Dahegam and Gandhidham, plants will be set up at 11 places in total.

Accordingly, Sewage treatment plants, 3 headworks / pumping stations and 1 Town Hall premises are to be set up for the use of solar energy. Solar plants having capacity of 1.90 MW would be beneficial to these nine municipalities to save electricity of Rs. 1.97 crore annually.  In order to save electricity cost by using solar energy in other premises including STP in the municipalities of local self-governing bodies in the state. So far, the state government has given in-principle approval for works worth Rs 39.90 crore for such solar power plants at 74 locations in 34 municipalities in four phases.

As a result, it is estimated that municipalities will save about Rs. 10 crore annually in electricity costs.  Chief Minister has approved the proposal submitted to the Gujarat Urban Development Corporation through the Urban Development Department for setting up solar plants in these 9 more municipalities.

Source: Information Department, Gujarat