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18.24 lakh man days generated through 1403 works under SSJA

    Chief Minister of the state Mr. Vijay Rupani initiated the third phase of SSJA from 20th April, 2020 to 10th June, 2020 in order to provide employment opportunities to labourers amidst the lockdown and increase the water holding capacity of the state.

    Providing details of SSJA, Secretary to CM, Mr.Ashwani Kumar said, “ 1403 works have been completed under SSJA and 5676 works are under progress. 1,32,089 mechanical tools, machines and equipments have been sued for the same. This includes 26535 JCBs and 1 lakh 5 thousand tractors and dumpers. The dug out soil have been provided to the farmers free of cost. The works have led to the generation of 18,24,441 man days so far leading to 1 crore 33 lakh 94 thousand 936 cubic feet of water holding capacity.”

    12,276 ponds have been deepened and 5775 check dams have been de-silted in the last2 years. 23,553 lakh cubic feet of water was stored in them. Various works were undertaken under MNREGA through pubic participation as well. All 30,416 works were completed and canals of a total length of 35,960 kms were cleaned leading to a large scale generation of man days.

    There were a 50:50 ratio of government and public partnership under SSJA in the last two editions. This year it is 60:40.

    In addition to that, the Chief Minister has encouraged the district administration to undertake various works under MNREGA in order to provide employment opportunities to the labourers and workers.

    The Secretary said, “ 6592 Gram Panchayats have started works under MNREGA in 33 districts. 6,79,842 labourers have got employment through 28,869 works keeping in mind the necessary safety protocols. Dahod has provided employment to the highest number of workers  i.e to 1,06,956, under MNREGA works in Gujarat.”

    Source: Information Department, Gujarat