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Over 16 lakh people receive govt services at doorstep under 7th edition of Seva Setu

    CM is committed to provide the benefits of people-oriented schemes to the common man at his doorstep

    Tremendous response of the citizens to the seventh phase of ‘Seva Setu’

    838 Seva Setu programs have been completed so far in Rural and Urban areas under the Seva Setu programs held from 22nd October to 5th January, 2022

    Seva Setu Program held every Friday and Saturday in the state till 5th January

    So far 16 lakh citizens availed the benefits of services-schemes at their doorsteps Around 56 services of various departments are covered under Seva Setu

    With the guidance of the Chief Minister, two new services – Exhibition of natural agricultural products and services for free legal aid were also added in the seventh phase of Seva Setu

    Government of Shri Bhupendra Patel is providing positive solutions to 99.99 percent applications


    Gandhinagar, Monday:  Gujarat Chief Minister Mr. Bhupendra Patel is determined to address the problems of the citizens of the state and provide solutions as well as provide them the benefits of various government schemes at their doorsteps through ‘Seva Setu’.

    The seventh phase of Seva Setu was launched in the state on 22nd October, 2021 under the guidance of the Chief Minister. The state government has planned to organize total 2507 Seva Setu programs in the state by 5th January, 2022, of which 2153 programs will be held in rural areas while 354 programs will be held in urban areas.

    In this seventh phase of Seva Setu, total 838 programs have been held by 14th November, 2021, of which 750 were in rural areas and 88 in urban areas. Under the guidance of Chief Minister Mr. Bhupendra Patel, District and Taluka Panchayat has successfully provided the benefits of various schemes and services to 16,00,619 citizens of the state through these 838 Seva Setu programs.

    Ever since Mr. Patel took charge as the Chief Minister of the state, he has stressed upon efficiency, sensitivity and accountability in the administration as the core of the government.

    He has also stated in his public programs from time to time that it is the priority of the government to ensure that the common man suffers the least and gets the benefits of various schemes easily.

    In order to encourage natural farming in the state, the Chief Minister has included a new tradition of organizing exhibitions of natural agricultural products in this seventh phase of Seva Setu. Besides, another new service included in this Seva Setu held in urban areas is to provide the benefit of free legal aid services to the citizen-applicants and applications are disposed of on the spot.

    For this purpose, the Chief Minister has instructed the concerned officials of administration to organize the Seva Setu program twice a week i.e. on Friday & Saturday from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm in this seventh phase.

    Besides, around 56 services of 13 different departments of the state government are also being provided during the camp under the Seva Setu.

    From 22nd October to 13th November, total 6075 villages and 600 wards of Municipality and Corporation areas have been covered in this seventh phase of Seva Setu.

    Total 16 lakh 852 applications were received from the citizens of the state, of which 14 lakh 54 thousand 962 were received from rural areas while 1,45,890 applications were received from urban areas. Out of these total applications, 16 lakh 685 applications have been positively resolved under Seva Setu Program.

    99.99 percent applications of rural areas, 99.97 percent applications of urban areas and 100 percent applications of metropolitans have been resolved so far. Thus, the seventh phase of Seva Setu has achieved 99.98 percent positive solutions so far.

    This public welfare approach of Chief Minister Shri Bhupendra Patel is getting unparalleled response from the citizens in this seventh phase of Seva Setu.

    Source: Information Department, Gujarat