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A dedicated state government to ensure the provision of free food grains to APL-1 families

    Chief Minister of the state Mr. Vijay Rupani has ensured the welfare of poor and middle class amidst the lockdown by providing free food grains for the month of April and May.

    Providing details of the same, Secretary to CM Mr. Ashwani Kumar said, “ 35 lakh APL-1 card holders (except those from Ahmedabad) have availed free food grains from 7th May, 2020 to 11th May, 2020. Tomorrow is the last day for card holders who could not avail the grains on the designated dates due to unavoidable circumstances.”

    42 lakh APL-1 card holders ,i.e 70% of the total card holders, were covered in April, 2020. 30% of well-to-do APL-1 families have given up their privileges during April and May.

    Source: Information Department, Gujarat