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Celebrating 100 days of Sath-Sahakar ane Seva of the state government under the leadership of Chief Minister

    Chief Minister Shri Bhupendra Patel:-

    • We have kept our promises by making sure that development reaches to every nook and corner of the state
    • By connecting each and every human being in the journey of development, by keeping them together and moving forward to realize the feeling of “I have created this Gujarat”
    • Under the visionary leadership and direction of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, Gujarat has become the growth engine of the country’s development
    • Through enormous support of the people – active cooperation of the administration and dedicated spirit of public service – which has helped making Gujarat a pioneer of development
    • The roadmap for building an advanced and developed Gujarat for the next five years has been prepared based on the five pillars of development

    CM releases a book depicting 100 days of Sath-Sahakar ane Seva in the presence of State BJP President and State Cabinet Ministers

    Gandhinagar, Wednesday: Gujarat Chief Minister Shri Bhupendra Patel, on the occasion of celebrating the completion of the first 100 days of the state government of Sath-Sahakar ane Seva clearly stated that,
    Each and every human being has been brought into the mainstream of development by making them realize the mantra of “I have created this Gujarat”.

    Chief Minister said that Under the visionary leadership and direction of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, Gujarat has become the growth engine of the country’s development, with everyone’s support, cooperation and with the spirit of service embedded in it.

    Chief Minister further said that we have fulfilled our promises given to the people of Gujarat by making development reach to every nook and corner of the state.

    By stating that “We have kept the promise, We will keep delivering as per our promise and thereby increase the pride of Gujarat” Chief Minister said that we will keep moving forward on the path of development crafted by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi.

    On this occasion, he also acknowledged the support and leadership of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi as well as the enormous support they received from the people in the elections this year depicts the trust in the development of the last two decades.

    The Chief Minister added that, Along with multi-dimensional development strict decisions have also been taken in public interest. The anti-drugs campaign has also been successful, Also legal action against recruitment exam malpractices and paper leak issues and by curbing illegal activities at pilgrimage sites, improved maritime security and zero tolerance for narcotics.

    Elaborating on the importance of public service the Chief Minister said, 4 thousand Lok Darbars have been held in the state to free the small and poor people from usury. Moreover under PM SVANidhi an amount of more than Rs. 250 crore have been provided as loan to the needy people to make them self- reliant.

    The Chief Minister further added that, Along with welfare works in basic sectors like health, education and safety, 30 thousand houses in Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana, 25 percent increase in wages of workers, more than five lakh people benefited from National Food Security Act, this government has fulfilled the aim of doing what it says.

    Mentioning Gujarat has achieved a new momentum of double development through double engine government he said that, There have been MoUs signed worth Rs 90 thousand crores for industrial investments in 100 days and for setting up a green ammonia plant worth Rs 40 thousand crores in Kutch to boost green growth.

    On this occasion, Chief Minister Shri Bhupendra Patel while presenting the development vision of a developed-advanced-self-reliant Gujarat for the next five years said that Gujarat is determined to contribute towards the Prime Minister’s vision to make India five trillion US dollars economy.

    In this context he said, Gujarat has already decided the roadmap for comprehensive development in the next five years based on five pillars. In these five pillars, a provision of two lakh crores have been made in the budget for the basic facilities of the poor and needy sections and for their social security.

    He also added that 4 lakh crores have been earmarked for human resources development, 5 lakh crores for creating world-class infrastructure, 2 lakh crores for development of economic activities in agriculture, industry and service sector and 2 lakh crores for green growth have been allocated.

    Chief Minister said, As per NITI Aayog report Gujarat ranks first in financial management and we are also committed to take the current contribution of 8.36 percent to the country’s GDP to 10 percent.

    He also expressed the desire to make Gujarat’s all-round development Amritmay with the support of all during this Amrit Kaal of the country under the leadership of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi.

    The Chief Minister, as Team Gujarat, along with the government representatives, officials-karmayogis, kept the development journey uninterrupted and made a vitalizing call that the development of Gujarat should lead the way for the entire nation and across the globe.

    On this occasion, he also released the booklet 100 days of Sath-Sahakar ane Seva.

    Bharatiya Janata Party(BJP) State President and MP Shri CR Patil, State Cabinet Ministers, State Government Senior Secretaries and invitees were present on the occasion.

    Chief Secretary Shri Raj Kumar while welcoming everyone on this occasion said that, This is a celebration of achieving the goals during these 100 days of Sath-Sahakar ane Seva. Under the leadership of Chief Minister Shri Bhupendra Patel an aim is set to make sure that the benefits of various public oriented schemes reach the people without any hindrance.

    The State Government is moving forward to achieve the goal of inclusive development by effective planning through Need Based Planning for People Oriented Development Plans of all departments of the state for which he assured continuous support of the administration.

    District Collectors and administration officials at the district headquarters of the state viewed the live telecast of the programme.

    Source: Information Department, Gujarat