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Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister make virtual visit to Rajkot Civil Hospital

    Showing the state government’s determination to provide the best available medical treatment to the Corona positive patients, Chief Minister Mr. Vijaybhai Rupani and Deputy Chief Minister Mr. Nitinbhai Patel today made virtual interactions with the doctors and nursing staff of the civil hospital of Rajkot city.

    During the video conference held from Gandhinagar, the Chief Minister categorically stated that the state government is determined to prevent transition of the COVID-19 and to provide the best treatment to the citizens. For this, besides making available all medical facilities in the government hospitals of the state, a stringent surveillance also being done through ‘Dhanwantari Raths’ (Dhanwantari Chariots).

    Praising the measures taken for the prevention of transition of COVID-19 in Rajkot, Mr. Rupani said that besides providing the facility of 104, the state government is also providing medical facilities to the corona patients at their door-step using the Dhanwantari Raths.

    During the video conference, Rajkot civil hospital’s Dr Sanjay Kapadiya briefed Mr. Rupani and Mr. Patel about the facilities such as ventilator, oxygen, bed, medicines and other being provided to the Corona patients.

    At this stage making direct interactions with the patients, Mr. Rupani and Mr. Patel had inquired about the health, medical facilities and others being provided to them, on which they (patients) had expressed total satisfaction.

    The virtual meeting was also attended by Principal Secretary Dr Jayanti Ravi, Secretary Mr. Milind Torvane, Industry Commissioner Dr. Rahul Gupta, Collector Ms Remya Mohan, RMC Commissioner Mr. Udit Agrawal and others.

    Source: Information Department, Gujarat