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Chief Minister attends the state level online grievance redressal program in gandhinagar

    The Chief Minister listenes directly to the 8 presenters at Rajya Swagat program

    A total of 2021 complains of State-District-Taluka collectively gets resolution

    At the local level, the smallest-poor-ordinary human representation-questions to be addressed and resolved locally- CM’s instructions to district officers

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    Gandhinagar, Thursday: Chief Minister Shri Bhupendra Patel has strongly requested the District Collectors and District Officers to address the issues of representation of the poorest common people of the society at the local level and to bring a positive solution to the problems of the even the remote human beings.

    This “State Wide Attention on Public Grievances by Application of Technology” (SWAGAT) reception program for redressal of grievances of citizens of the state through dialogue and guidance through representation technology has been launched by Prime Minister Shri Narendrabhai Modi during his tenure as Chief Minister of Gujarat.

    The Chief Minister listens directly to the complaints and representations of the citizens at the State Swagat held on the fourth Thursday of every month under this ‘Swagat’ program.

    Accordingly, Chief Minister Shri Bhupendra Patel listened to the representations of the applicants in the Chief Minister’s Public Relations Unit in Gandhinagar at the State level reception program and provided guidance to the District Officers through video conferencing.

    There were 8 representations before the Chief Minister in the program. Apart from this, in the district level program, 306 and in taluka, 1707 were found and a total of 2021 representations were brought to a proper halt.

    Chief Minister Shri Bhupendra Patel while guiding the officials of the district administration who joined the video conference in this state level program said that it is the responsibility of all to resolve the issues at village, taluka and district level and to create a situation where no applicant has to come to the state reception.

    Chief Principal Secretary Shri Kailasanathan, Additional Chief Secretary Shri Pankaj Joshi as well as senior officials of the Chief Minister’s Office and senior secretaries of state government departments also participated in this second state reception held after Chief Minister Shri Bhupendra Patel took over the charge of state governance.


    Source: Information Department, Gujarat