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Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister launch ‘Platinum Hour 108-Mobile Application’ Service

“Gujarat launches Boat Ambulance Service to cover 1,50-lakh fishermen aboard 35,000 boats that venture into high sea 8-12 days in a row”

“108 Service started with 50 ambulances rose to 585 now, having rushed over 87-lakh accident/emergency victims to hospitals so far, free-o-cost”

Gujarat Chief Minister Mr. Vijay Rupani and Deputy Chief Minister Mr. Nitinbhai Patel here today launched ‘Platinum Hour’ 108 Mobile Application service with a view to ultimately covering all the citizens for emergency/accident.

In a first, they also launched seaborne ‘Boat-Ambulance Service’, starting with two boats, to cover people living offshore the state’s 1,600-km long coastline, as well as ten new ambulances for 108 onshore services.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Rupani said the Platinum Hour 108-Mobile Application has five modules integrated to voice-paper works to reach the spot fast, locating its way to the nearest medical treatment out of 4,000 hospitals in the state, blood banks and other emergency requirements.

The 108-Mobile Application helps connect the caller from the accident spot to Emergency Response Centre, indicating the journey on Google map, approximate time to reach the spot, information about blood requirement, informing the relatives of the victim to reach the hospital with address.

He appealed to all to download the application in their mobile and keep their medical history handy, virtually in their hand, creating a data for paperless health facility.

Mr. Rupani recalled that it was because of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s initiative in 2007 that he as the Chief Minister had launched 108 Ambulance Service for holistic approach. About 7,000-8,000 people are killed in accidents in the state every year. He recalled the state government had also introduced the Dhanantwari Arogya Rath for transportation of labouers injured in accidents and the 1962 Karuna Ambulance Seva for injured animals.

Deputy Chief Minister Nitinbhai Patel said the medical ambulance service which was earlier under the domain of hospitals and trusts have been extended to all needy with 108 Service. It began with 50 ambulances for 108 which have now reached 585 ambulances. Another 125 ambulances have been approved for 108 during 2018-19.

The Boat Ambulance Service has been launched around seven major fishing ports. Nearly 1.50-lakh fishermen venture out into high sea 8-12 days in a row. Each fishing boat has to have one captain, 3 assistants/employees and one trained emergency medical technician.

Additional Chief Secretary Health Poonamchand Parmar said the 108 Service was launched in 2007, having rushed over 87-lakh accident victims to hospitals and saving 7-lakh lives so far.

Principal Secretary Health and Health Commissioner Jayanti Ravi said the 108 Service today crossed another milestone, whizzing past the critical ‘Golden Hour’ concept.

Those present on the occasion included Minister of State for Health Kishorebhai Kanani, MLA Babubhai J. Patel, National Health Mission Gujarat Director Gaurav Dahiya and GVK EMRT Director K. Christian Raju.

Source: Information Department, Gujarat