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Chief Minister at Gujarat Urban Cooperative Banks Federation’s ‘Sahkar Setu-2018’

“Rs.52,000-crore deposits in cooperative banks in Gujarat reflects the state’s leading position in the country”

“Members’ voice should be paramount in the cooperative sector”

– Vijaybhai Rupani

“Government is committed to make cooperative bank sector brighter”

– Nitinbhai Patel

Gujarat Chief Minister Vijaybhai Rupani today said the voice of members should be paramount in the cooperative sector and make the cooperative sector banks more assistive.

Speaking at the Gujarat Urban Cooperative Banks Federation’s ‘Sahkar Setu-2018’ programme at Vadodara, he said that Rs.52,000-crore deposits in the cooperative banks in Gujarat reflect the people’s reposing faith in the cooperative banks and state’s consolidating its leading position in the cooperative bank sector.

Mr. Rupani said that working in cooperative sector is in the DNA of Gujaratis, contributing to the state’s financial as well social uplift. Time demands that rules should be made stricter. As to the problems of the cooperative banks, he said, the state government has always adopted a positive attitude towards them.

While the Prime Minister Narendra Modi has to lead a campaign to motivate people to just open a bank account, in the first place, he said, the cooperative banks have always taken care of small depositors and loanees, more diligently compared to government banks. There is need for cooperative banks playing greater role in the state government’s fast-track projects working on four pillars of transparency, compassion, decisiveness and progressiveness.

Mr. Rupani called for bringing all cooperative banks in the country under one umbrella organisation to make the cooperative sector stronger.

Deputy Chief Minister Nitinbhai Patel, giving details of the cooperative sector in the State, said that the government is committed to encourage the cooperative banks for playing greater role for brighter future. He spoke on Sahkar Setu-2018 theme of ‘Let’s go through one umbrella’.

Minister of State for Cooperation Ishwarsinh Patel said that while the NPA of Public Sector Banks hover around 12-14 per cent, that of Cooperative Banks is just 0.5 per cent.

Gujarat Urban Cooperative Banks Federation Chairman Jyotindrabhai Mehta delivered the welcome address. Others present on the occasion included Federation’s Vice-Chairman Dollar Kotecha, Senior Directors N.V. Patel, Kantibhai Patel, R.N. Joshi and K.T. Parikh, Registrar Co-operative Societies Nalin Upadhyay.

Source: Information Department, Gujarat