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Chief Minister visits 900-bed Covid Hospital at Mahatma Mandir in Gandhinagar

“900-bed Covid Hospital is being readied at Mahatma Mandir premises to be made operational in 24 hours’ notice”

“Hospital is equipped with Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) Plant to produce 300 MT of oxygen directly from the air”

“Gujarat Government made detailed action plan in case of likely third wave of coronavirus on basis of first and second wave”

“1.20-lakh youth in 18-44 age group vaccinated daily free of cost, having covered 15-lakh so far”

 – Vijay Rupani

He expressed satisfaction at the facilities, including ICU wards, Triose Area and captive Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) plant to produce 300 Metric Tonne of oxygen straight from the air at the hospital as per the initiative and guidance of Union Home Minister Amit Shah. (Triose offers a broad range of supply chain solutions to hospitals and healthcare system, which can be customized for different hospital’s needs).Gandhinagar, Saturday: Chief Minister Vijay Rupani took round of the 900-bed Covid Hospital, jointly set up by Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), at the Mahatma Mandir premises here today to see first-hand the preparedness to ensure it can be made fully operational for use within 24 hours.

Mr. Rupani said the state administration is fully alert and aware, despite steady decline in the number of fresh coronavirus cases in the state from 14,000 last month to about 2,500 yesterday. He said there should be no shortage of oxygen in the state.

He said the government health department has planned in advance a separate paediatric ward, ready with extra beds, medicines, injections, etc to meet likely third wave of the coronavirus affecting children more, at a high-level meeting in consultation with expert doctors’ task force, core group – on the basis of their experience during the first and second wave. The administration is also ready to adjust changes, in case required.

Describing vaccine as infallible weapon against the coronavirus, he said that over 1.20 lakh vaccines are being given to 18-44 age group daily in 10 cities in the state, with prior registration intimating place and date through SMS, having covered 15-lakh so far. The state government has made bulk order for 3-crore vaccines and increase the number of daily doses as per the arrival of stocks.

He said the state government is providing vaccine to all free of cost, while permitting private hospitals on chargeable basis at Apollo, Shalby, Surat’s Mahavir General Hospital.

While the state government is busy control and combat coronavirus, Mr. Rupani said it also ensured the development works continue. He visited the Aquatic Gallery, Robotic Park, Nature Park at Science City and the five-star hotel under construction at the Gandhinagar Railway Station.

The Chief Minister was accompanied with Chief Minister’s Chief Principal Secretary Kailashnathan, Principal Health Secretary Jayanti Ravi, Health Commissioner Jay Prakash Shivahare, senior officers of district and municipal corporation.

Source: Information Department, Gujarat