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Chief Minister joins 7th Convocation Ceremony of BAOU

Gandhinagar, Sunday: Gujarat Chief Minister Shri Mr. Bhupendra Patel calls on the youths of the state to make good use of the knowledge they have acquired in the development of the nation-state and realize the dreams of our Prime Minister of self-reliant India with a flare of knowledge.

Chief Minister addressed to about 15 thousand students who were awarded degree in the 7th Convocation ceremony of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Open University under the chairmanship of Gujarat Governor Mr. Acharya Devvrat and in the presence of Gujarat Education Minister Mr. Jitu Vaghani.

In the 7th Convocation Ceremony of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Open University 20 PhD, 3172 Postgraduate, 6789 Graduate, 181 Postgraduate Diploma, 5299 Diploma and Certificate overall total 15,461 degrees were awarded to students across the state. In addition to that 37 students received gold medals and 35 students received silver medals while 35 students were also awarded  Rank Certificate      .



Gujarat Governor Mr. Acharya Devvrat while addressing the 7th Convocation ceremony of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Open University said that, the need for education that inculcates morality and life values in students along with physical development. Stating that education is incomplete without the creation of values of life, Governor added saying, that this incompleteness of education is the root cause of the war. Informing that “Education has always been at the forefront of Indian culture,” he added that, In the ancient Gurukul system of education, the sage-guru used to impart knowledge and teach disciples in the lap of nature for their overall development and thereby in true sense finest of the human being was being created. Governor further stated that, along with the material development, today human beings are moving towards confinement, while the youth are becoming victims of addiction, it is imperative that the youth move forward towards the path of life by becoming more cultured, skilled and knowledgeable. Governor further said that, the value of world brotherhood and human welfare is at the heart of our culture and that is why India works for the welfare of the world. If India is a strong and capeable country, then the feeling of world welfare will also be strong.

Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has launched a nationwide public awareness campaign through ‘Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav of Independence’ to celebrate 75 years of independence of the country. The country is undergoing a new transformation with the determination to build a strong, capable and self-reliant India. India has strengthened our spirit of human welfare by finding a vaccine against COVID-19 in a matter of months.

On this occasion Governor also said that, Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has urged farmers across the country to adopt natural agriculture to get rid of the ill effects of chemical agriculture. For self-sufficient farmers and self-sufficient agriculture, natural agriculture is the need of the hour. Natural agriculture protects water, soil and environment, increases soil fertility and protects the health of the people by providing healthy food. This is a method by which quality production can be obtained at low agricultural cost, the Governor urged the youth to get involved in this mass campaign. On this occasion, Governor congratulated Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Open University for its efforts in the field of higher education to connect more and more people with education.


Chief Minister:- 

Chief Minister Mr. Bhupendra Patel said that, this is the only open university in the state established in the memory of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar as a beacon of education, culture and goodwill. From the hustle and bustle of the cities state to the rural areas of internal parts of each and every village Gyan Ganga (Flow of Knowledge) is passed on to the mass of groups sitting at home. The university has opened the door for timely education at home through various study centres for anyone willing to avail education in the state without having to travel long distance. Chief Minister said.

The Chief Minister further said that, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Open University is inspiring the students in nation building by providing new opportunities for new knowledge, new skills, capacity building and career development at home. Also he was delighted to the fact that even during the pandemic period it provided luxury to students or people willing to learn through online and distance learning. Chief Minister described this maiden opportunity for the youth graduated students as an opportunity to commit building a better India during this year of “Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav”.

Chief Minister clearly said that, Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, recognizing the trends of global knowledge, has given the opportunity of global education to the youth of the state by establishing various sectoral universities during his tenure as Chief Minister of Gujarat. The revolution that has taken place in the field of education in Gujarat under the direction of Prime Minister has proved to be a feature of Gujarat’s youth in the country. In the last two and a half decades, more than 83 universities in the state have provided world class education to the youth at their doorsteps and equipped them to stand face to face with the world. Giving special guidance to the students of Food and Nutrition, the Chief Minister said that natural farming is the need of the hour. While our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has also taken up the campaign of natural agriculture, Gujarat is also expanding the path of natural agriculture. Chief Minister also appealed the students of Food and Nutrition to increase the prevalence of natural agriculture in the society.


Education Minister:- 

On this 7th Convocation ceremony Education Minister Mr. Jitu Vaghani congratulated to all the students who were awarded degrees . He urged all the students to be able to meet the challenges of life through skill building. The person engaged in other activities also gets the freedom to study in this open university, said the Minister of Education.  Today, where our student from Gujarat does not fall back in the field of knowledge or science. By setting up such universities with such innovative approach to make them more equipped and successful as per the situation is a very commendable initiative taken by Gujarat Government.  The education sector has suffered the most in the COVID-19 period. Even in this pandemic, the government has been successful in making all the necessary arrangements to ensure that the students of Gujarat are not deprived of education and also to get the benefit of education through online education. Minister also congratulated Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Open University for its successful organisation during this period. Stating that the results of the education policy will be encouraging, the Minister also wished every student to move forward towards the path of career with continuous hard work and without getting discouraged.

On this occasion Minister of Higher and Technical Education Dr. Kuber Dindor said that, the only university established by the state of Gujarat in the year 1994 has completed 24 years today. This university is fulfilling the resolution of Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi  by becoming self reliant.  Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar University has also been instrumental in formulating a new education policy, the Minister said.

Along with the Convocation ceremony, the newly constructed ‘Agatsya Atithi Niwas’ and ‘Maitreyi Mulyankan Bhavan’ were inaugurated at the ‘Jyotirmaya’ campus of the university. At the beginning of the occasion Chancellor Dr. Ami Upadhyay welcomed the dignitaries present, reiterated the success story of the university and conveyed best wishes to the graduating students. On this occasion various Departmental Heads, Professors, students receiving degrees and medals were also present.

Source: Information Department, Gujarat