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Chief Minister obtains full details of the situation created by heavy rains in Anand district’s Borsad Taluka

    In a telephonic conversation with the Anand District Collector, Shri Bhupendra Patel checked on the rescue and relief work, human and animal death assistance, food, health security system, power supply and water supply to the displaced persons and guided the district administration for the same

    Discussed the requirement of help including NDRF and SDRF from the state government with the collector


    Gandhinagar, Saturday: Chief Minister Shri Bhupendra Patel gathered about the situation created by 12 inches of heavy rain in last 24 hours in Borsad taluka of Anand district of Central Gujarat by telephonic conversation with Anand District Collector on Saturday morning.

    The Anand District Administration apprised the chief minister of the entire situation including evacuation of villagers from low lying areas to a safe place as well as safety of life and property and livestock and especially the condition of village Sisva, which received heavy rainfall.

    The Chief Minister got the information from the District Collector Shri Dakshini about the immediate action taken to restore the power supply and to remove the fallen trees from the roads in the villages affected by the torrential rains in Borsad of Anand district.

    Chief Minister Shri Bhupendra Patel also got detailed information about a team of NDRF that has come from Vadodara to help and rescue the people trapped in their houses due to flooding in Borsad and surrounding villages in Anand district.

    The information of single human death and about 90 animal deaths in Borsad taluka was given to Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel by the district collector, to which CM instructed for speedy payment of death assistance as per rules.

    The Chief Minister instructed about immediate clearance of rainwater drainage systems and also instructed the health department to stay deployed for health related activities including spraying of medicine to prevent the spread of the diseases.

    Chief Minister Shri Bhupendra Patel also gave necessary guidance for conducting prompt survey and making cashdolls payment in case of damage to raw huts, houses and further damage. He also directed the District Collector to arrange labour, vehicle etc. from the district administration for the villagers who want to take their belongings to a safe place elsewhere.

    He also checked if food and other necessities were provided to those who have been relocated to safer places. He also consulted with the District Collector on requirement of all assistance including sending more NDRF, SDRF teams in the district through the State Emergency Operations Centre of the State Government.

    In the telephonic conversation with the district administration, the Chief Minister directed the district administration to be more vigilant and alert as the meteorological department forecasts more rainfall in the coming days.


    Source: Information Department, Gujarat