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Chief Minister organizes Sneh Milan with the entire Ravalyogi Samaj of Gujarat in Gandhinagar

    Under the leadership of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, the aim is to bring each and every person into the mainstream of development is the main objective of every welfare scheme of the Central Government: Chief Minister


    Chief Minister:-

    • The government will stand by the needy through various schemes so that the children of the Ravalyogi Samaj can get education and shape up their career
    • We are taking forward the strong foundation laid by the Prime Minister for the development of the state – strengthening Gujarat in financial management as well 
    • This year a budget of 2 lakh 45 thousand crore was given


    Gandhinagar, Saturday: Gujarat Chief Minister Shri Bhupendra Patel in a gathering of Ravalyogi Samaj of the entire Gujarat which took place in Gandhinagar said that With the commitment to bring even the most marginalized people into the mainstream of development, the Central Government under the leadership of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has formulated all the welfare schemes.

    The strong foundation of development laid by the Prime Minister with  the mantra of Sauno saath, Sauno vikas, Sauno vishwas and Sauno prayas ,we as Team Gujarat are working together with the determination to remove the obstacles faced by  even the small and marginalized group of people.

    Chief Minister Shri Bhupendra Patel said that as a result of the new era of development politics initiated by Prime Minister all the different classes have now committed themselves to development in every field under the guidance of Prime Minister instead of being entice by any temptation or greed. Appealing to Ravalyogi Samaj to make a career for development through their children’s education along with their traditional occupations, the Chief Minister said that

    The state government is primed to stand by the needy through various schemes. Shri Bhupendra Patel added that, the state government will make all possible efforts to provide the facilities so that the children of this society can be educated and we will also give proper contemplation to the representations made by the society.

    The Chief Minister said that Gujarat’s financial management is at the forefront in the entire country.Not only that, In any of the schemes, we have planned well so that there is no dilemma of finance in the welfare scheme of the poor-underprivileged, the smallest man. Moreover, a budget of 2 lakh 45 thousand crore have been allocated this year for the development of Gujarat.

    The Chief Minister also told all the leaders of the Ravalyogi community and the people of this community who came from different districts of the state that in order to make it easier for common man government has taken various decisions including limiting the income pattern to three years, also doing away with the affidavits if not necessary or not required legally etc.

    State President of Bakshipanch Morcha Shri Uday Kanagad said that, Chief Minister Shri Bhupendra Patel has been popular among the people as a soft- spoken personality and firm decision- maker.  He congratulated Ravalyogi Samaj people for being present in such large numbers for this gathering and also said that such gathering is a witness that people of Ravalyogi Samaj are committed towards progressing in the path of development.

    On this occasion Bakshipanch Morcha Youth President Shri Devendra Raval,  Shri Bharat Raval of Ravalyogi Youth Association, as well as youth leader of Bakshi Panch Morcha, Shri Mayank Nayak, etc. greeted the Chief Minister on behalf of the society and also assured that Ravalyogi Samaj will stand by the Chief Minister and the party in the coming days as well.

    Source: Information Department, Gujarat