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Chief Minister release the updated Gujarati book “Exam Warriors” written by PM Shri Narendra Modi

    Chief Minister Shri Bhupendra Patel released the updated Gujarati version of the book “Exam Warriors” written by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi in Gandhinagar.

    The Chief Minister presented this book written by the Prime Minister to the Minister of Primary, Secondary and Adult Education Shri Kuber Dindor, Minister of State for Primary, Secondary and Adult Education, Higher Education Shri Praful Pansheriya, Principal Secretary of the Education Department S. J. Haider, and dedicated it to the students and their parents, guardians of the state in the presence of senior officials.

    For the students of Class-10 and Class-12 (All Streams) the exam begin March 14 onwards by Gujarat Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, Gandhinagar so for the students, teachers and their parents of schools of all states, ‘Exam Warriors’ book is created in an interesting style by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi and its new version was released containing 34 new mantras. This book is unique, instructive and beacon for every student, examinee, their parents and education lovers. In this book by the Prime Minister, students are encouraged to celebrate the exam as a festival. Each chapter provides different activities for students. “Exams are important but they are only a part of life. There are many other things in life for us” is the basic idea of ​​this book.

    This book not only explains the importance of exams but also the importance of life.

    The concepts given in the latest Gujarati version of the book ‘Exam Warriors’, which provide food for thought to the young mind, will help the youth to shape their lives in their own way. These concepts are placed in the book as different mantras.

    Mantras 1 to 28 of the book ‘Exam Warriors’ are mainly for students. From the small things that matter in the exam hall to going outside the classroom, from competing with yourself to discovering yourself, from time management to technology, from gratitude to goal setting, this book touches on various topics that youngsters will find very interesting. Mantras 29 to 34 of this book are important for parents. The book covers topics such as the role of technology in outcomes, the importance of encouraging children, preparing children for exams without prejudice, creating awareness about mental health, the crucial role of parents in creating a positive environment, etc.

    The updated Gujarati version of the book ‘Exam Warriors’ written by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi will be very guiding and inspiring for the students, parents and all the people associated with the entire education world of Gujarat.

    Source: Information Department, Gujarat