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Chief Minister resolves none went to bed hungry during Lockdown and Unlock

    Gujarat Government supplied 122 lakh quintal of food grains worth Rs. 3,338 crore free-of-cost to 4.98 crore people, during the last three months from April to June, 2020, thanks to Chief Minister Vijay Rupani’s resolve to ensure nobody in the state went to bed hungry during the lockdown due to global pandemic novel coronavirus COVID-19. This included 3.32 crore people covered under National Food Security Act (NFSA) and 1.75 crore middle class people.

    No sooner than the lockdown was declared from March 25 last, the state government decided to supply enough food grains free-of-cost as two square meals daily to 66-lakh NFSA families and 3-lakh PHH families through 17,000 fair price shops maintaining social distancing.

    The Chief Minister complimented the state administration, officers and employees of notably the State Food Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs Department, the Gujarat Rajya Nagarik Puravtha Nigam Limited and the godown managers, for preparing the ground for implementing this huge task within 10 days of the decision.

    Over 11.8 lakh quintal of wheat and 5 lakh quintal of rice NFSA families worth Rs. 430 crore in the market, besides 90,000 quintal of sugar, 70,000 quintal of gram and 80,000 quintal of sugar were distributed down to the district and taluka level outlets.

    In another significant move, the state government decided to provide 6.70 lakh food grains worth Rs 258 crores free-of-cost also to 61-lakh APL-1 card holders, comprising 2.50-crore people, from April 13 last. It included 4.50 lakh quintal wheat, 1.40 lakh quintal rice, 40,000 quintal sugar. The exercise covered 42.55 lakh card holders or 70 per cent of the target group.

    The state government’s efforts were complemented by Central Government’s Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Anna Yojna.

    On Gujarat’s Foundation Day on May 1, continued, the Chief Minister decided to extend  6.70 lakh quintal food grains free-of-cost to 42 lakh APL-1 card holders (69 per cent of the target group) for the second month of May also. This is in addition to 18.70-lakh quintal food grains worth Rs. 475 crore free-of-cost to 96 per cent of 66-lakh NFSA families.

    Since the lockdown situation continued even after, the Chief Minister decided to extend the scheme to June also, distributing 12 lakh quintal of wheat, 5 lakh quintal of rice and 70,000 quintal gram worth Rs. 475 crore free-of-cost to 95 per cent of the 65.70 lakh card holders between June 15 and 30.

    Source: Information Department, Gujarat