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Chief Minister to take a significant decision for the sustainability of government-approved Fair Price Shops in rural areas of the state

    Gandhinagar, September 02: Chief Minister Shri Bhupendra Patel has taken a historic decision in consideration for the sustainability of government-approved Fair Price Shop shopkeepers in rural areas of the state.

    The details of this decision were provided by Minister of Food and Civil Supply Shri Kunvarji Bavaliya and Minister of State for Food and Civil Supply Shri Bhikusinh Parmar. The ministers stated that in the state, among the Fair Price Shops that are permanent have fewer than 300 NFSA ration cardholders and do not charge any other regular shop fees, those Fair Price Shops with a commission of less than Rs. 20,000 will receive support from the state government. Such decision was taken by Chief Minister Shri Bhupendra Patel.

    The ministers further announced that from today onwards, in view of the upcoming festivals and in the interest of the citizens, regular distribution of grains will be implemented for shopkeepers who run Fair Price Shops across the state. They also appealed to the shopkeepers to continue the work of grain distribution tomorrow (Sunday) as well, to which all the shopkeepers responded positively.

    To secure a monthly income of Rs. 20,000 for state shopkeepers, they will receive a commission from the state government against the remaining amount. The ministers added that the state government will bear an additional burden of Rs. 35.53 crore annually.

    Source: Information Department, Gujarat