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Chief Minister virtually inaugurates Alliance Indus US-India Corporate Government Summit held in San Francisco California

    • Efficient policy-making and a strong system of good governance, under the leadership of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, have made Gujarat a leading industrial state of the country
    • Gujarat is a policy-driven state, the state government is continuously working to promote industries, green energy, and technology for the same

    Gandhinagar, 03 October 2023: Chief Minister Shri Bhupendra Patel virtually inaugurated Alliance Indus US India Corporate Government Summit from Gandhinagar and stated that Gujarat has become a leading industrial state of India due to efficient policy-making and good governance under the leadership of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi.

    The CM added that Gujarat is a policy-driven state and the state government is continuously working to promote industries, green energy, and related technologies.

    Minister of AYUSH Department of Government of India Dr. Mahendra Munjpara, members of the American Congress, members of the California State Cabinet, representatives of the Diplomatic Mission and Consulate General of India and leaders from the corporate sector participated in this summit.

    Addressing the inaugural session of this summit, the Chief Minister firmly mentioned the notable achievements of Gujarat in various fields under the leadership of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. CM highlighted Gujarat’s contribution to India’s exports. He also gave background about the state’s strong economic growth and industrial output.

    Gujarat has contributed 8 per cent to the country’s GDP and 18 per cent to industrial output.

    Chief Minister briefed about the Solar Energy Policy which is to be announced soon and also explained the road map to make Gujarat a leader in the field of hydrogen energy. Chief Minister Shri Bhupendra Patel also extended his invitation to participate in the upcoming Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit 2024 which will further help to strengthen trade and investment relations between India and America.

    The CM said that the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit that started two decades ago under the visionary leadership of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has become vital in transforming Gujarat as the growth engine of the country. The 10th edition of this summit will be held in January 2024, and the trade, industry and investment relations between the two nations will be strengthened if the delegation of Alliance Industries participates in this summit.

    Chief Minister congratulated Dan Shugar, CEO of NEXTracker and a leading company in the solar energy sector, on being presented with a special honour award. NEXTracker company has shown its willingness and commitment to expand its business in India.

    Hemex Health CEO Patti White laid special emphasis on sickle cell diagnostics and also promised to accelerate her company’s manufacturing activities in India. Considering the bright investment opportunities in Gujarat, the Global Funds Company expressed its commitment to increase its engagements in the state. Members of the American Congress as well as officials lauded the Alliance Indus Forum’s efforts to promote international partnerships.

    Extensive discussions were conducted during this summit to accelerate the economic growth in India, Gulf Cooperation Council and African countries and to realize sustainable development through the use of ultra-modern technology.

    This summit emphasized the importance of collaboration between Silicon Valley and emerging markets. Businessmen and government representatives who have contributed towards strengthening cross-border ties were felicitated during this occasion.

    Catalyst Investment Funds – CEO Andrew Roettger, Aquatech Chairman Venkee Sharma, US EXIM Chair Advisory Committee Member Nava Akkineni, Amara Raja Group Founder and Chairman Dr. Galla Ramachandra Naidu, Chairman of WAAREE Group Dr. Hitesh Doshi, CEO of DataVolt Rajit Nanda, Amit Jain of Sterling & Wilson Renewable Energy Group were honoured with awards on this occasion.

    Source: Information Department, Gujarat