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Chief Minister’s sudden visit to Sukhalipura village of Vadodara

Interaction with rural women-young villagers-primary school children and housing scheme beneficiaries and got feedback 

Reaching the village of Vadodara district without any pre-determined program, the smile of contentment spread among the villagers due to the simplicity, friendliness and service-mindedness of the CM


Gandhinagar, Friday: The villagers of Sukhalipura in Vadodara district were further introduced on Friday morning by the simple personality of Chief Minister Shri Bhupendra Patel and his unique sensibility as a public servant.

By the time people still started their daily routine in Sukhalipura village, they had experienced a pleasant surprise.

Chief Minister Shri Bhupendra Patel accompanied by Chief Secretary of State Shri Pankaj Kumar reached Sukhalipura village by road from Ahmedabad. The villagers were astonished to see Shri Bhupendra Patel reach this Sukhalipura village of Vadodara without informing any pre-determined program or any government officials, district administration carriers.

The Chief Minister also got out of his vehicle and went to the yard of the house of the rural farmers-mothers-sisters and showed his unique sympathy as a public servant through an instinctive conversation with them. He talked at length with the rural women about basic amenities like sanitation, water, electricity in the village, about school education with the children going to school and whether the benefits of government schemes are being reaped.

The Chief Minister first reached the Navinagri area of Sukhalipura and there he inspected the development works.

Not only that, the Chief Minister also visited the Anganwadi Center and talked to the Anganwadi workers, inquired about the facilities provided in Nandghar, nutritious food, toys, study materials and got information.

The Chief Minister inquired about the scheme from Vitthalbhai Motibhai Wankar, a beneficiary of Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana. CM asked beneficiary whether the due amount in the scheme is available on time or not, whether he is satisfied with the house construction and asked him to share feelings on staying in newly built house. 20 poor families in the village have got the benefit of this scheme.

Chief Minister Shri Bhupendra Patel sat on a bench placed by the lake in the village Sukhalipura. Interacted with a BPL ration card holder. CM asked the card holder if he gets enough ration or not, whether the shop opens on time and about quality of the provided ration.

To get the first hand of the real situation, CM visited Sukhalipura without any prior plan, intimation or without informing officials. In a chat with Sarpanch Navneetbhai, CM smiled instinctively and told the Sarpanch that if CM had informed about his arrival, sarpanch would have made all the preparations while CM wanted to know the actual condition of the village.

After bidding farewell to the President for going to Jamnagar from Ahmedabad Airport, CM suddenly decided to visit these rural areas reached Sukhalipura via Ahmedabad-Vadodara Highway without informing anyone.

The Chief Minister also visited Ektanagar in Vadodara and got details from the citizens living here. Seeing the simplicity, spontaneity of the CM and his warm dealings with the rural citizens, the satisfaction of ‘Potiki Sarkar na Potana Mukhyamantri’ was seen on the faces of the villagers.

Source: Information Department, Gujarat