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CM administers joint mass pledge with 467 sarpanaches to keep village ‘Corona Free’

    With an aim to curb the spread of world-wide pandemic COVID-19 in rural areas, on the 60th ‘Gujarat Gaurav Day’ today, Chief Minister Mr. Vijaybhai Rupani, through a simultaneous video conference held with sarpanches of as many as 467 villages of Panchmahal district, called upon them to take a joint pledge to make their respective village as ‘Corona Free Village’.

    Responding to this, all 467 sarpanches had taken the joint pledge to keep their respective village ‘Corona Free’ and to follow the government guidelines in fight against the COVID-19.

    In this reference, the Chief Minister urged these village leaders to follow the pattern of Ahmedabad Rural District – to setup a chowki (post) at the entrance of the village for maintaining a register to keep record of entry and exist of each person into the village.

    For prevention of transmission of COVID19, Mr. Rupani also told the sarpanches to administer a pledge to every resident of the village to follow the government guidelines such as – to wash their hands frequently, to wear mask, to keep social distance of at least 2 meters from each other, and others.

    He also pointed out to take more care of elderly people by not allowing them to move out of house as the virus has tendency to be more deadly for the aged persons. The pregnant women should also take proper care. The villagers should consume foods and drinks which enhance their immunity power. They should not hold any social or religious celebration that makes mass gatherings, he added.

    The Chief Minister also informed these village leaders that the distribution of free foodgrains for the month of May to 161 lakh APL card holder middle class families would begin from May 7, as a gift of ‘Gujarat Foundation Day’.

    He also suggested to the leaders to initiate works of MGNREGA, Sujlam Suflam, widening and deepening of lakes and check-dams before monsoon season to enhance water conservation with an aim to generate employments among the locals.

    Source: Information Department, Gujarat