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CM and Dy. CM talks with sadhus, sants, mahants and religious heads to boost the morale of the people

“Corona will lose and Gujarat will win the war against pandemic with joint efforts of government and religious heads,” says Vijay Rupani

Gandhinagar, April 14, 2021: Chief Minister Vijay Rupani in a fervent appeal to the revered heads of all religions, sadhus, sants and mahants asked them to boost the morale of the people in the fight against novel Coronavirus Covid-19 and to assure the people that the fight against the pandemic is surmountable.

In a meeting arranged from here with the sadhus to seek their blessings, guidance and suggestions, Mr. Rupani said the pandemic hit the earth when we were least prepared. There were no Covid hospitals, not enough ventilators, not even N-95 masks, there being no question of vaccine in phase-1. But we overcame the situation with grit and determination to fair degree.

He said that there is a sudden surge in cases in phase-2 now, despite having built healthcare infrastructure, facilities, equipment and treatments to contain and combat Covid-19, but the incidence and intensity of the virus seems to be far too high for us. There is urgent need to plan ahead and save the situation from going bad to worse.

The Chief Minister exuded confidence that the Coronavirus will lose, and we will indeed win the fight against the pandemic with the blessings of religious heads and people’s cooperation.

He said it is utmost important to ensure the people maintain their morale up, keep up their confidence and fight against the virus with all the necessary facilities. The sadhus, sants and mahants are respected in the society and their words have a way with the people.

The Chief Minister appealed to the leaders of all religions and communities to motivate people to take vaccine against the virus in large number.

Pujya Avichaldasji said the pandemics like Coronavirus breaks once in a century, like Spanish flu in 1920. He suggested devotees carrying certificates of having vaccine may be allowed at temples which may check the spread of the virus to a large extent. People go to temples to serve the humanity. There could not be greater service than to take precautions and preventive measures to check the spread of the virus.

Expressing gratitude towards saints and seers, Deputy Chief Minister Mr. Nitinbhai Patel stated that, “your blessings have strengthen our determination, thus, we would be able to avail proper and sufficient medical treatments and facilities to the citizens and protect them from Corona’s transition.”

Mr. Patel further stated that though the government is providing health facilities to the citizens, but, the blessings of seers and saints are equally significant. Since last one year when the entire world is fighting against Corona pandemic, then under the leadership of Chief Minister Mr. Vijaybhai Rupani, our entire team have been fighting constantly against Corona as a result we were able to curb the transition of ‘Corona’.

He further pointed out that the first phase of the Corona transition was not so critical and not much contagious thus very  few people had been infected by it and more number  of people were safely returning  home after the treatment. However, according to WHO the second phase’s ‘Corona’ virus is of another variant and more deadly and spreading very rapidly. It could affect the entire family and surrounding residential streets in very short time. When the state government is handling this challenging situation very effectively then your wide cooperation and blessings are also equally necessary.

Under the competent leadership of the Chief Minister the entire administration of the state government, including doctors, para-medical staff of the Health Department, has been performing their tasks very efficiently round-the-clock. The state government has made an arrangement to applaud all these people. To encourage and inspire the doctors and para-medical staff, the state government has paid honorarium to them. In addition to this, whenever the doctors and para-medical staff required observing quarantine then the state government had provided all facilities to them at free of cost. To curb this pandemic and to provide better safety to the citizens, the state government has been taking advice and guidance from the specialists and experts and providing medical treatment accordingly.

The deputy chief minister further stated that during the difficult time of Corona pandemic whenever a health worker die while performing out his duty, under the various schemes of the Central Government, Prime Minister Mr. Narendrabhai Modi had  announced a compensation of Rs 50-lakh to the family of the deceased. Adopting similar approach, the state government had announced an additional compensation of Rs 25-lakh. Thus, Prime Minister and Chief Minister both have taken care of the family of the deceased employee.

He further added that we have resumed all the medical facilities that were made available in the first phase of the pandemic. A month before wherever we had facility of 40,000 beds that has been increased to 88,658 beds now. We are thankful to you all saints for granting permission to use your religious places, ashrams, lodging and boarding, and hostels and other infrastructure facilities for the treatment of Corona positive patients. For giving full force fight back to Corona, the state government has also called-back the retired doctors and para-medical staff of the Gujarat Health Department.

The state government is also considering providing ‘Portable Oxygen Machine’ to every individual patient who is observing home-quarantine. At present, we are supplying oxygen quota of 600 tons per day, therefore, the Chief Minister has taken decision to use 80 per cent of the total production of oxygen in Gujarat for the treatment of Corona patients, he said.

The demand of ‘Remdesivir’ injections is rising rapidly in Gujarat. Gujarat is fortunate  that Gujarat  based Pharma giant ‘Cadila’ has enhanced its production capacity and supplying 25,000 to 30,000 vials per day  to the state. Not only this, the Central Government has also prohibited the export of the Remdesivir injections. Thus, the state would get sufficient required quotas of Remdesivir injections. The central government is also offering infrastructural and other facilities, in phase manner, to us; as a result we will be able to provide better services to the citizens.

The Deputy Chief Minister thanking the saints that whenever the difficult time struck Gujarat, they have extended their full cooperation and blessings, as a result we were always able to overcome successfully. I am confident that during this difficult times of ‘Corona’ pandemic, God’s and yours’ blessings will shower upon us and we will be able to defeat Corona and make Corona Free Gujarat.


Opinions expressed by religious gurus, representatives of the sects: 

Pujay Ramesh Ojha:

It is prudent to exercise caution in times of crisis. It is a humble request to all citizens to wear a mask, apply sanitizer and to maintain a social distance.

Pujay Morari Bapu:

It is a demand of today’s time is to unite all to face Corona, every citizen should follow the advice of doctors (verbatimly) and all citizens should wear masks.

Pujay Ratnasunderji Maharaj:

Today, while all the efforts of the state government are underway to curb the Corona pandemic, the state’s Corona Warriors are serving the citizens by risking their own lives. If we can see Invisible, we can do possible. We must keep our faith and continue our karma. Along with this the focus should be on building more and more health facilities.

We are urging our devotees to get vaccinated. Along with this, the state government should also take steps to motivate the citizens to get vaccinated.

Pujay Avichaldasji Maharaj:

We, the entire Saint Samaj, are satisfied with the performance of the State Government and are ready to pursue the guidelines of the State Government as well as assuring to provide all our resources and facilities for the use of Covid patients. We have also prohibited the entry into our temple without a certificate of vaccine.

Pujay Brahmavihari Swami:

Today with the government all sections of the society are helping the patients of Corona. At this time we should not forget to strive. Citizens also need to be vigilant when the state government system is working on all, possibly it could. At this time, we should avoid the blame game of accusing each other.

Pujay Vrajrajkumarji:

It is our moral duty to co-operate with the state government and administration at this time. Some people are spreading fake fear of Corona among the citizens; that should be stopped. I also appeal to the citizens not to be distracted by such elements.

Pujay Namramuni Maharaj:

The steps being taken by the Gujarat government to combat the Corona pandemic are very satisfactory. At this time, the entire Sant Samaj is ready to extend all kinds of cooperation to the state government.

Pujay Nautamswami:

I also echo the guidance given by saints in today’s meeting, especially the works done by the State and Central governments through good governance and tactical measures. I also support the support given by the religious representatives of various religions and sects to save the mankind in this difficult situation and to call for the protecting the society. We are also ready to start Covid Care Center in our organization.

Pujay Dilipdasji Maharaj:

I agree with the suggestions given by other saints in the interest of the citizens of Gujarat and we are ready to start a Covid Care Center in our organization as well.

Maulana Luqman Tarapuri: We are trying to create public awareness about Coronavirus by arranging meetings between Imams and doctors-counsellors at Masjids, and trying to remove fear from the mind of the people. And we are taking all preventive steps during the month of Ramzan praying to Prophet to save the humanity. While the Coronavirus is spreading like bullet, steps taken by the state government led by Mr Rupani and Mr. Patel is praiseworthy. We are ready to cooperate with the government and offer sacrifice. May the Prophet heal and save us from the pandemic.

Shernath Bapu: We will be part of all government actions and pray for the wellbeing of the people. We particularly pray for the wellbeing of doctors, medics, police and frontline workers. We congratulate the state government and administration for fighting the pandemic day and night.

Pujya Dwarkeshlalji: I join the religious heads to cooperate with the government, observe guidelines in the time of crisis. I am also with making available oxygen, Remdesivir, beds, food packets and convert guest houses and religious places to create hospital beds. The government’s restrained and effective efforts in providing healthcare.

Shambhuprasad Tundiya: Sants appeal to the society to follow social distancing, wear mask, take vaccine and avoid unnecessary outings and other guidelines issued by the government and save the unique, supernatural creation of the God.

Father Rt Rev Silvan: We are working with the state government alongside entire administration to increase supply of medicines, treatment and most importantly moral strength.

Shri Tyagvallabh Swami: Even as there seems to absence of desired public awareness about the virus amidst some shortage of Remdesivir injection, oxygen and other critical facilities, it is high time empower Ayurveda and other AYUSH doctors for home remedies of the diseases. It is time to popularise such home remedies at educational and religious institutions, and convert them into Covid hospitals. There is more fear about Covid-19 which must be removed by psychologists.

Source: Information Department, Gujarat