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To mark 151th Gandhi Jayanti, CM attends ‘Prarthna Sabha’ at Kirti Mandir in Porbandar

    Today while participating through the video conference from Gandhinagar, Chief Minister Mr. Vijaybhai Rupani attended the ‘Prarthna Sabha’ (Prayer Meeting) held to mark the 151th Gandhi Jayanti at Kirti Mandir in Porbandar.

    Speaking on the occasion, the Chief Minister categorically stated that the solution to every problem of the world lies in the eternal ideology of Mahatma Gandhi.

    Stating further in this context, the Chief Minister said that it is demand of this hour that everyone should collective work together to fulfill ‘Pujya Bapu’s’ ideology of ‘Ram Rajya, Kalyan Rajya and Upliftment for all with prayer wishing ‘Sauna sukhe sukhi, sauna dukhe dukhi’ (Happy with happiness of everyone, sad with sorrow of everyone).

    Referring to the importance given to hygiene and cleanliness by Mahatma Gandhi, the Chief Minister said that in the present time of world-wide Corona pandemic, the use of mask, sanitizing of hands at regular intervals and maintaining social distance of 2 meters are the simple and best remedies for cleanliness and healthiness.

    Gandhiji had won freedom for us and had also given the concept of ‘Svarajay’ (Self-rule), he said and added that under the leadership of Prime Minister Mr. Narendrabhai Modi; we have to fulfill the determination of upliftment for all by setting up ‘Surajya’ (Good Governance) means ‘Ram Rajya’.

    The Chief Minister specifically stated that Gujarat has always guided the nation and the world by following the ideals of Gandhiji, Gandhian philosophy and the path setup by him.

    The Chief Minister expressed a firm determination that the believers, followers  and lovers of Gandhiji and his ideology will arrive in Gujarat from across the world to study and to get inspiration from ‘Life of Gandhiji’ and historical places related to Gandhiji and his struggle for India’s freedom.

    Referring to Gandhiji’s most favourite bhajan ‘Vaishnov Vajan to Tenere Kahi Ye; Par Dukhe Upkar Kare Toi Nav Abhimaan na Mane Re’, Mr. Rupani said that to pay a real tribute to Gandhiji, we should adopt his ideal of serving others with conclusive efforts; for inclusive growth of all.

    The prayer meeting was also attended by Gujarat Tourism Minister and District In-charge Mr. Jawaharbhai Chavda, Member of Parliament Mr. Rameshbhai, MLA Mr. Babubhai, other leaders and large number of citizens at Porbandar.

    Source: Information Department, Gujarat