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CM, DCM attend testing of Dhaman-1 on patient at Civil Hospital in Ahmedabad

    In the prevalent situation of world-wide fight against pandemic of ‘COVID-19’, a Rajkot based private company has developed an indigenous ‘Ventilator’, a vital and one of the key equipments require for the treatment of Coronavirus patients.

    This indigenous ventilator, ‘Dhaman-1’ has  been developed by the Jyoti CNC in the span of just 10 days and its successful testing on a patient of ‘COVID-19’ was done in the presences of Chief Minister Mr. Vijaybhai Rupani and  Deputy Chief Minister Mr. Nitinbhai Patel at the Civil Hospital in Ahmedabad on Saturday.

    Later giving information about this glorious achievement, the Chief Minister said that Rajkot based private company Jyoti CNC had developed the ventilator ‘Dhaman-1’ in very short period of just 10 days. The manufacturing cost of ‘Dhaman-1’ is less than Rs. 1-lakh per piece. This great achievement would add a new feather to Prime Minister Mr. Narendrabhai Modi’s dream campaign of ‘Make in India’.

    In the present scenario of pandemic of ‘COVID-19’, the entire world is facing an acute shortage of availability of sufficient of number of ventilators because of the vertical rise in its demand for the treatment of the Coronavirus patients. Thus, with achievement of developing this cheap ventilator Gujarat would become a path breaking leader in the world in fight against the deadly disease, he added.

    Praising the Jyoti CNC, Mr. Rupani said that in the present situation with the development of ‘Dhaman-1’ the company has opened-up a new path in public health care facilities.

    The Chief Minister further stated that Rajkot based local industrialist, Mr. Parakramsinh Jadeja and his team of Jyoti CNC has made a great contribution towards the aim of ‘Make in India, Make in Gujarat’ campaign. Later, Mr. Rupani and Mr. Patel had congratulated Mr. Jadeja and his team for their great achievement.

    Later, Mr. Nitinbhai Patel also pointed out that presently available ventilator is costing at least Rs. 6-lakh, against this, the newly developed ‘Dhaman-1’ costing less than Rs. 1-lakh will prove to be a great helping hand in treating the Coronavirus and other patients as well.

    He also praised Mr. Jadeja and CNC Company for announcing to provide first 1,000 pieces of ‘Dhaman-1’ at free of cost to the Gujarat Government as their ‘Social Corporate Responsibility’ action.

    Praising his team, Mr. Parakramsinh Jadeja said that our 150 members team led by Mr. Rajendra Parmar, who had earlier stayed and worked in the USA for five years but now staying in Rajkot for last 15-years, had developed this indigenous ventilator ‘Dhaman-1’ in short  span of  just 10-days. The ventilator was developed with acquiring and assembling of various parts made by nearly 26 different companies. Now we are aiming to develop higher version ‘Dhaman-2’ and ‘Dhaman-3’ in very short near future, he added.

    It should be noted that at present the company has built 3 ventilators and it has capacity to build 10 ventilators per day, Mr. Jadeja added.

    Giving his opinion, Dr. Kamlesh Upadhyay said, “We have successfully tested the ‘Dhaman-1’ on a patient at the Civil Hospital.”

    Source: Information Department, Gujarat