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CM decides to extend ‘Gujarat Solar Power Policy-2015’ till Dec 31, 2020- says Mr. Saurabhbhai Patel, Energy Minister

    Chief Minister Mr. Vijaybhai Rupani has decided to extend the time frame of ‘Gujarat Solar Power Policy – 2015’ up to December 31, 2020, says Gujarat Energy Minister Mr. Saurabhbhai Patel, today.

    Giving further information about this decision, the Gujarat Energy Minister said that due to presently prevalent  situation of world-wide pandemic of ‘COVID-19’, the state government had  announced ‘Rs. 14,000-Crore Gujarat Aatmanirbhar Package’, under which time frames of many policies in their original forms have been extended.

    Mr. Patel further stated that as a result of extension of time frame of ‘Solar Power Policy – 2015’, now the projects such as solar power projects, developers captive power projects, solar power projects for third-party sale, as well as MSME Units, Industries, Commercial Usage, and ‘Roof-top Solar Power Projects on the buildings of government offices and premises could be installed.

    The Energy Minister said that Gujarat is the frontal state in solar power generation in the country. Besides this, against the installed capacity of renewable energy of 10,711 MW, we have attained capacity of 3057 MW.

    He further added that in line with the approach adopted by Prime Minister Mr. Narendrabhai Modi to promote the production and expansion of clean-green energy in the country. The extension of time frame in policy would give boost to the Gujarat’s target to achieve 8,000MW solar energy production in the state by 2022.

    Due to the extension of time frame of policy, the power distribution companies of Gujarat would be able to fulfil their targets of ‘Renewable Power Obligation’, the energy minister added.

    Source: Information Department, Gujarat