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CM, DyCM visited Vadwala Temple at Dudhrej, Surendranagar

Chief Minister Mr. Vijaybhai Rupani today visited Rabari Samaj’s (animal breeder community) Vadwala Temple at Dudhrej in Surendranagar district. Mr. Rupani was accompanied by deputy chief minister Mr. Nitinbhai Patel. The duo was welcomed by Vadwala temple’s Mahant Shree Kaniram Bapu.

Addressing a gathering there, Mr. Rupani asserted that Gujarat’s has always followed the path of non-violence and humanity. With people’s cooperation, the government has always protected and nurtured the animals and birds. Particularly for protecting the cow from slaughtering the state government has formulated ‘Prevention of Cow Slaughtering Act’ and implementing it with stern hands.

The government is planning many beneficiary schemes for encouraging the animal breeding in the state. They included the subsidy of Rs. 3-lakh for building animal farm, the Chief Minister added.

Source: Information Department, Gujarat