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CM e-launches ‘Saat Pagla Khedut Kalyanna Yojana’ for holistic development of agriculture sector and farmers

    • This government committed to stands by the farmer in every difficulty.
    • We are not the ones who play politics in the name of farmers.
    • This government has provided a loan at zero percent interest – enough water – enough electricity.
    • Government backs farmers against damage to kharif crop due to recent rains: Survey to be conducted soon

    The Chief Minister Shri Vijaybhai Rupani while inaugurating the scheme of ‘Saat Pagla Khedut Kalyanna’ with his commitment for the development of farmers and agriculture sector expressed a clear determination to accelerate the speed holistic development of agriculture sector.

    In this context, he added that Gujarat has become a leading role model for the balanced development with new technology and modern farming methods in agriculture, industry, service sector.

    The Chief Minister e-launched the ‘Saat Pagla Khedut Kalyanna’ scheme in an event organized by the state government’s Department of Agriculture and farmers Welfare and Co-operation at 80 places in 33 districts across the state from Gandhinagar.

    Under this scheme, seven steps have been taken for the benefit of farmers including agriculture and economic upliftment, New crop production, crop storage, distribution, cow based farming, Kisan Parivahan Yojana and Mukhyamantri Pak Sangraha Structure Yojana.

    The Chief Minister today launched two of these important steps “Mukhyamantri Pak Sangraha Structure (Godown) Yojana” as well as “Kisan Parivahan Yojana”.

    Under this, the government provides a maximum assistance of Rs. 30,000 to the farmer for such godown structure in the “Mukhyamantri Pak Sangraha Structure (Godown) Yojana”.

    The Kisan Paribahan Yojana aims to enable the farmer to easily deliver his produce to other markets and earn more income. A maximum financial assistance of Rs.75000 is being provided to farmers for the purchase of small vehicles.

    Under Mukhyamantri Pak Sangraha Structure Yojana as well as Kisan Paribahan Yojana, state government provided financial assistance of Rs.400 cr. to 1.25 lakh farmers in a single day.

    As a result of this assistance, in the next three months, the storage capacity of the state’s own godowns will be increased by 2.32 lakh tonnes and crop wastage will be prevented.

    Not only that, under the Kisan Paribahan Sahay Yojana, the farmer will be able to turn to economic prosperity by selling farm produce in the market in his small vehicle.

    The Chief Minister clearly stated that we are standing by the farmers in every difficult time by developing a work culture of “do what you say”. We are not the ones who always play politics in the name of farmers.

    He added that in the past, under Congress regimes, farmers had to agitate for crop insurance. Not only that, farmers had to take a loan at a high interest rate like 18%. There was no buying system at support price and the farmer had to suffer a lot.

    Chief Minister expressed the feeling of pride and said that our government has worked proactively and solved the question of farmers of electric connection or Urea fertilizer in last two decades.

    Now, the farmer gets timely fertilizer and 8 to 10 hours of electricity – he said, adding that the Dinkar Yojana will provide electricity on a daily basis in the coming days. Our government has given loans to farmers at zero percent interest. Our government has even purchased crops worth Rs. 15 thousand crores at MSP. “Saat Pagla Khedut Kalyan Na’ Yojana will strengthen the farmers of the state.

    The State Government has always kept in mind the development off poor, deprived, farmers and small traders. Special attention was also given to the farmers. This year we have received plenty of rainfall, farmers will make Gujarat a role model of agricultural revolution by producing record breaking winter and summer crops.

    State Government has always stood with the farmers, government is conducting a survey of the losses of crop and on the basis of this, assistance for the losses will be provided to them.

    Minister of State for Agriculture Mr. Jaydrathsinh Parmar delivered his welcome note. Agriculture Secretary Mr. Manish Bhardwaj joined the e-launch from Gandhinagar. Ministers of State Cabinet, Chairmen of Board Corporations, MPs and office bearers attended the function held at 80 places in 33 district headquarters.

    Source: Information Department, Gujarat