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CM : Export Units can re-start their business activities from 25th April, 2020

    Chief Minister of the state Mr.Vijay Rupani has taken a number of decisions in order to restore day to day activities abd businesses after 20th April, 2020. Providing details about the important decisions taken by the CM today, Secretary to CM Mr.Ashwani Kumar said, “ Chief Minister Mr. Rupani has announced that export oriented units within municipal limits will be allowed to re-start their business activities from 25th April, 2020.

    However, these units should have export orders and should not fall in containment zones. At the same time, they are required to follow all the safety measures and need to seek an approval from the District Collector.” The Secretary added that 66 lakh NFSA card holding families, i.e around 3.25 crore people, will get an additional of 3.5 kg wheat and 1.5 kg rice per card from 25thApril, 2020 to 29th April, 2020 free of cost.

    he division will be based on the last digit of their ration cards, i.e those with the last digit as 1 and 2 will avail food grains on 25th ;those with last digits as 3 and 4 on 26th, with last digits 5 & 6 on 27th ; 7&8 on 28th and 9&0 on 29th April, 2020. Social distancing norms and adequate safety measures must be maintained while availing the grains. Incase a beneficiary is unable to be present on the designated dates due to unavoidable circumstances, he/she can avail them on 30th April, 2020. In addition to that, public enterprises, industrial units etc can donate to Gujarat State Disaster Management Authority for COVID-19 fund.

    The donations will be exempted under CSR. Self employed workers such as plumbers , electricians, carpenters, Moto-repairing and auto mechanics etc can resume their duties. Necessary instructions have been given to District Collectors by the CM. At present, around 35,000 industrial units have resumed their operations since 20thApril, 2020 employing around 3.25 lakh workers and labourers.

    A sum of Rs.113 crores has been deposited in the bank accounts of 11.38 lakh NFSA card holders in 8 mega cities. A total amount of Rs.340 crores has been availed by 34 lakh NFSA card holders at present.The amount decided by state government was

    Rs.1000 NFSA card holder

    Source: Information Department, Gujarat