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CM: Gujarat leads India in running maximum labour trains for migrant workers

    Chief Minister of the state Mr. Vijay Rupani has successfully ensured the safe return of more than 4 lakh migrant workers to their native.

    Providing details of the same, Secretary to CM Mr.Ashwani Kumar said, “ The state government in co-ordination with GOI has successfully sent 1 lakh 21 thousand migrant workers through labour trains to various states like U.P, Bihar, Orissa, etc . In addition to that, the state government also provided the permission for labourers residing in Surat to return to their native districts/talukas. This includes 5500 workers through S.T buses, 1.67 lakh workers through private vehicles and 1.14 lakh workers through their own vehicles /other private means by the permission of Surat Municipal Corporation.”

    The state government, in consultation with GOI, has started special labour trains to states like U.P, Bihar, Orissa etc from 2nd May, 2020. 67 labor trains, each with a  capacity of 1200,  have been operated from 2nd May, 2020 to 6th May, 2020. This includes 39 trains to U.P, 13 trains to Orissa, 13 for Bihar and 2 trains for Jharkhand.

    34 more trains will run today which includes 20 to U.P, 4 to Bihar, 2 to Jharkhand, 5 for Orissa, 2 for Madhya Pradesh and 1 for Chhattisgarh.  These trains will start from stations in Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Rajkot, Morbi, Mehsana, Godhra, Jamnagar, Junagadh, Surat.

    Around 1 lakh 21 thousand migrant workers have been sent to their respective home states through these trains.

    29540 stranded Gujaratis have been successfully brought back till date. This includes 15,523 from Maharashtra, 4252 from Rajasthan, 1412 from Uttar Pradesh, 1590 from Madhya Pradesh, 1138 from Karnataka, and others from Delhi, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh etc.

    Free food grain distribution for 61 lakh APL-1 card holders has begun across the length and breadth of Gujarat, except in Ahmedabad, from today. Around 4 lakh beneficiaries have already availed its benefits by noon. Around 8 lakh people will avail its benefits by 10 pm tonight. The state government is following all the safety protocols during the same.

    People of Banaskantha, Patan, Mehsana, and Kutch are safe from the attack of locusts at present. Despite this, the Agriculture Secretary of GOI had a detailed discussion about the same with the ACS of Agriculture Department and concerned District Collectors.

    The Chief Minister has sent immediate help to Vishakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh on account of a gas leak from a private factory. A special chemical called Para Tertiary Butyl Catechol (PTBC), is used for reducing the effects of gas in air after a leak. The same is only manufactured in Vapi.

    The Chief Minister had a discussion with P.S, Industries and Collector of Valsad to  send 500 kg of PTBC through a flight from Daman

    Chief Minister Mr. Vijay Rupani held the Cabinet Meeting through video conference in the presence of Deputy Chief Minister Mr.Nitin Patel.

    Providing details of the meeting, Secretary to CM, Mr.Ashwani Kumar said, “ The state government has made necessary arrangements for sending migrant workers back home by providing sufficient trains and private buses. At the same time, the Chief Minister has appealed the migrant workers to show co-operation with the administration as the process for approval demands time. Gujarat leads India in running maximum labor trains. The state has operated 39 trains in the last 4 days  and sent more than 46,000 migrant labourers to their respective homes.”

    30 more trains will leave from Gujarat today to send 82,000 migrant workers back home. Around 3.25 lakh labourers have been sent to their respective natives through trains and buses till date. The CM has advised the migrant workers to stay patient and not assemble in groups due to anxiety or other factors. The state government is on its toes to ensure that they reach home safely. The state government shall continue the necessary arrangements for the coming 15 days.

    The district administration in Surat has made special provisions by contacting community leaders in U.P, Orissa and Jharkhand to ensure necessary arrangements are in place. The workers will be provided the details of the community leaders through phone and text message via the administration.

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of India has arranged flights to bring back stranded Indians. All those Gujaratis stranded outside India will be required to provide the necessary details to the Indian Mission in the respective countries. However, the cost of tickets will have to borne by the people.

    Around 1500 Gujaratis will be brought home in Phase-1 from 7th May, 2020.This includes 250 from Philippines, 600 from the USA, 250 from Singapore, 250 from the U.K and 200 from Kuwait.  The passengers will under health check after landing in the state.  Mrs.Mamata Verma, Principal Secretary of Tourism will oversee the entire management for the said task.

    The migrant workers from Surat will be allowed to go back to their respective native places within the state through personal vehicles or buses. The state government will also run S.T buses for them.

    Free food grain distribution for APL-1 card holders with last digit of their ration card as 1 or 2 shall begin from tomorrow. The CM has appealed the well-to-do families to give up their privileges in order to ensure that the government is able to reach to those in dire need.

    Source: Information Department, Gujarat