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CM, DCM held interaction meeting agri-scientists in Gandhinagar

CM’s innovative idea has been turned into reality in 1200 Tauktae cyclone affected villages by 258 agri-scientists


Based on experiences of Agri-scientists, Guj Govt will formulate ‘Action Plan-Guidance’ for farmers to give them guidance on how to reinstall destroyed plants, trees: CM


Ahmedabad: An innovative approach of “reinstalling” the trees of horticultural crops, which had been severely damaged or destroyed during the recently occurred Tauktae cyclone in 1200 villages located on the coastal areas of Gujarat, suggested by Chief Minister Mr Vijaybhai Rupani to 258 agriculture scientists of four agricultural universities – (located at Dantivada, Anand, Junagadh and  Navsari) — of Gujarat — to give their guidance after making personal visit to the affected villages — has opened-up a new direction of success.

The Tauktae cyclone had severely damaged the trees of horticultural crops like mangoes, coconuts, Lemon, Chikoo, Banana, Pomegranate etc. The Chief Minister had directed the 258 agricultural scientists to immediately visit the affected villages for assisting the farmers in reinstalling the damaged trees of horticultural crops.

These scientists, adopting the approach of ‘Lab to Land’, had been on-foot in the affected villages to revive the damaged the trees of horticultural crops.

In a span of 10-12 days, these scientists visited 1195 affected villages to give live demonstration and technical guidance to the farmers for reinstalling the trees of affected horticultural crops.

These agricultural scientists, in a meeting held in Gandhinagar today, made a presentation about their experiences with the farmers. The meeting was attended by Chief Minister Mr. Vijaybhai Rupani, Deputy Chief Minister Mr. Nitinbhai Patel, Agricultural Minister Mr. R.  C.  Faldu, Energy Minister Mr. Saurabhbhai Patel, and others. During the meeting, the ministers and scientists also made deliberations and interactions with each other on various points.

In this reference, the Chief Minister categorically stated that to revive the affected farmers, the Gujarat government would soon chalk out an action plan based on the experiences of the scientists with the farmers while reinstalling the damaged trees of horticultural crops. The government would also bring out a scientific guideline for the farmers on how to reinstall the affected crops. He also instructed the State Agriculture Department to make the guidelines widely disseminated among all farmers.

The Chief Minister said that arrangements would be made by the state agriculture department in collaboration with the agricultural universities to ensure that the farmers get adequate seeds, saplings before the next monsoon season for other crops, including horticultural crops destroyed or damaged by the Tauktae cyclone.

For this purpose, he instructed to prepare such saplings and plants on a large scale in the nurseries of the Agricultural Universities.

Mr. Rupani also added that as a result of the guidance given by the agricultural scientists, about 25 to 30 percent of the horticultural crops can be saved and re-installed.

The Chief Minister further stated that the state government is determined to provide intensive guidance to highly affected farmers to re-install the trees at the same places after recovering from the damage done to their horticultural crops or trees.

For this purpose, faculties, professors and final year agri-science students of four agricultural universities of Gujarat will be sent for three days to guide the farmers of the affected areas.

Speaking about the presentation and experience sharing made by the agricultural scientists in the meeting, Deputy Chief Minister Mr. Nitinbhai Patel said that this guidance and direct demonstration would be more useful for the farmers as the state government is committed to resettle the affected farmers quickly.

The teams of scientists from four state universities had visited the most affected four districts — Bhavnagar, Junagadh, Amreli and Gir-Somnath, and guided the farmers on how to restore the damaged horticultural crops.

The scientists also gave a live demonstration to the farmers on how to technically raise a fallen tree or plant.

The scientists visited Una, Talala, Gir-Gadha, Ghari, Khambha, Bagasara, Jafarabad and Kodinar areas and provided guidance to the farmers.

The farmers of Surat, Valsad and Navsari districts of South Gujarat were also given necessary instructions by the scientists. Besides this, oral and written advisories were also issued for the farmers.

The meeting was also attended  by  Chief Secretary Mr. Anil Mukim, Mr. K. Kailashnathan – Chief Principal Secretary to the  Chief  Minister, Mr. Manish Bharadwaj, Secretary (Agriculture), Director of Agriculture Mr. Bharat Modi, Director of Horticulture Mr. Vaghasia as well as Vice Chancellors of the four Agricultural Universities and agricultural scientists who had visited the field.

Source: Information Department, Gujarat