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CM holds video-conference with officials of trade, industry associations of Metropolitans to cooperate in fighting against Coronavirus

    With a view to prevent further spreading of the Coronavirus from its present condition, to instill self-discipline among the people for maintaining social distances, and for cooperation in trade and commerce, Chief Minister Mr. Vijaybhai Rupani today held a video conference with officials of trade and commerce institutions and chamber of commerce of six municipal corporations of the state for providing them the guidelines.

    Appealing to the Chamber of Commerce and Trade – Commerce institutions, the Chief Minister said that in this present time of pandemic, you people ought to give full cooperation in not selling any item other than urgently needed essential commodities for preventing further spreading-scope of Coronavirus in Gujarat.

    Mr. Rupani further added that trade & commerce institutions should ensure that the citizens don’t experience short supply of daily life’s essential commodities such as milk, vegetables, grocery, food-grains, pharmacy and others.

    He said that in the present situation all the chambers and associations of trade & commerce should come forward to advice their employees and workers to observe self-discipline and to opt for isolation if any of them are showing any symptoms of Coronavirus.

    The Chief Minister also appealed to the trade mahajans to convey the state government’s guidelines for Coronavirus to their employees and workers so we jointly together can defeat the deadly disease.

    Source: Information Department, Gujarat