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CM holds video conference with the heads 7 leading companies to support young and enthusiastic startups

    Chief Minister Shri Vijaybhai Rupani has decided to take the advantage of research, technology and knowledge of young and enthusiastic startups in Gujarat in the battle against the global epidemic Covid-19. Chief Minister held a video conference with heads of seven leading equity companies on Thursday to discuss the issue.

    These equity companies have allocated Rs.100 crore as a prominent venture capital fund to support such young startups. As a result, young startups who are ready to use their technology-knowledge capabilities to help fight the global epidemic Covid-19 will find new inspiration and help. As many as 31 such startups are supported by this fund.

    For this purpose KPMG Has joined as a knowledge partner and has offered support to such startups for technology application in surveillance, contact tracking, PPE kits, N-95 masks, quarantine welfare, etc.

    In a video conference with the Chief Minister in this regard, the Principal Secretary to the Chief Minister Shri M.K. Das, Shri Suraj Mehta of KPMG, M.D. Shri Pradeep Udhas, Mohit Bashin, CEO of Urban Company Abhirajsingh Bhal, MD of Sikyoiya Capital. Rajan Anandan etc. joined.

    The Chief Minister hoped that the knowledge and skills of this enthusiastic young startup would be utilized in the fight against Covid-19 and together they would succeed in this fight.

    Source: Information Department, Gujarat