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The mayor of the state should lead the fight against the epidemic by deciding to liberate his town from Corona – Guj CM

“Time for presidents of nagarpalikas to resolve to lead fight against Covid-19 in respective town, and fix priorities in limited resources”

“Fight against pandemics like coronavirus can only be won with people’s cooperation”

“It is collective responsibility to free public from fear of coronavirus and to move on with mantra of ‘Jaan Bhi, Jahan Bhi”

 – Chief Minister


Gandhinagar, Thursday: Chief Minister Vijay Rupani today asked the presidents of 162 municipalities in the state to resolve to take the leadership to fight the pandemic to control the spread of the novel coronavirus Covid-19 in their respective town.

In a videoconference from here with the presidents and vice-presidents, regional commissioners and chief officers of the 162 nagarpalikas, he said the elected representatives in civic bodies should consider themselves lucky to get an opportunity to serve the people and they should lead to defeat coronavirus in the war.

Mr. Rupani told the presidents of the municipalities to decide and prioritize the steps to be taken to mitigate the people’s pain in the limited resources.

The Chief Minister said that it is our collective responsibility to see that life continue with the mantra of ‘Jaan Bhi, Jahan Bhi’ and people become fearless. We have to become administrator, not complainant.  If we would raise the weapon of ‘Service’ with the cooperation of the NGOs, then we would surely win, he added.

He said that we have to make efforts to spread awareness among the people about ‘Corona’ pandemic and measures to fight against it. We also need to give better understanding to people about importance of wearing mask, sanitizations, and Remdesivir injections and to aware them about not to make crowding.

Mr. Rupani further stated that such pandemic strike once in a century, therefore, it is very essential for us to follow the instructions and guidelines. It is very essential that people do not get out of their home unnecessarily, they should take doses of vaccination, and wear mask in proper manner. The person who does not follow the directive not only gets himself infected but also transmits corona to others too.

Mr. Rupani further stated that with a view to prevent crowding of people in public places, the state government has prohibited organizing of political and social programmes. The curfews have been imposed in metros, and time to time issuing public notices in these references.

The chief minister further stated that last year to fight against the ‘Corona’; we were not equipped with measures like availability of sufficient number of masks and others. Compared to that, this year we are equipped with effective measures like sufficient number of masks, quota of oxygen, beds, vaccinations and an experience of one-year.

He said that presently we are facing intense and bigger wave of ‘Corona’, thus, we would be able to curb the surge of ‘Covid-19’ transition only through following all necessary precautions and rules.

At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Ashwini Kumar, Secretary to the Chief Minister, had made a presentation giving figurative details about the current situation of Corona transition and health infrastructure in Gujarat. The presentation included comparative analysis of corona transition status of Gujarat state with respect to other states of the country, corona cases, testing and treatment in Gujarat, hospital bed facility, availability of ventilator-oxygen, Remdesivir injections, percentage of essential drugs and vaccinations, recovery rate of patients and future planning to control transition of Corona. The information was given to the office bearers and officers of the nagarpalikas.

The meeting was also attended through a video conference from Gandhinagar by Mr. M. K. Das – Additional Chief Secretary to the Chief Minister, Mr. Lochan Sehra – Secretary (Housing Department), Mr. Rajkumar Beniwal – Managing Director of GUDM, and Mr. Kamal Shah – OSD to the Chief Minister.

Source: Information Department, Gujarat