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CM Launches Mobile Application for 108-Emergency Ambulance Services

Gujarat Chief Minister Mr. Vijaybhai Rupani launched mobile application for ‘108-Emergency’ ambulance services in Gandhinagar. The Chief Minister said that the caller of ‘108-Emergency’ ambulance services using this application would get exact information like distance, time and route of arrival of the ambulance.

Mr. Rupani said that the application can be downloaded by the smart-phone users from the Play-Store by writing ‘108 Gujarat’ at a free of cost. Once after downloading the application the user need to make registration by filling some basic information about the self as a result whenever he/she would press ‘108’ his present position would be automatically traced in the emergency response center, thus, it would save platinum minutes in critical time in exchanging of information about the place of accident and other dialogues.

The sensitive approach of ‘sense, rich, care and 48-hours follow-up’ would make the medical treatment promptly available to save human lives. The application would also display the pain having in any part of the patient and his/her primary medical history. Besides this, the application would also provide information about the medical facilities available at the nearest place, he said.

The Chief Minister also observed the live demonstration of the application. At present, Gujarat has as many as 585 ambulances for ‘108-Emergency’ services which cover 196,000 sq. km. , and providing its services to 6-crore people of the state. ‘108-Emergency’ services have become lifeline, the Chief Minister said.

Others, who remained present on the occasion, included additional chief secretary (health) Mr. P. K. Parmar, health commissioner Mrs. Dr. Jayanti Ravi, secretary to the Chief Minister Mr. Ashwin Kumar, information director Mr. Nalin Upadhyay and others.

Source: Information Department, Gujarat