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CM Stresses on Maintaining Cleanliness, says Gandhiji Equated it with Godliness

Dirtiness is curse, Swachhta Abhiyaan is kind of service to poor: President

Cleanliness is real tribute to Gandhiji: Governor

Ahmedabad, October 02, 2017: Gujarat Governor Mr. O. P. Kohli, Chief Minister Mr. Vijaybhai Rupani, and BJP National President Mr. Amit Shah today paid a rich tribute to the Father of Nation Mahatma Gandhi and also joined all-religions prayers held on the occasion of his 149th birth-anniversary at his birth place Kirti Mandir in Porbandar, today.

First of all, the dignitaries had paid visit to the place where Gandhiji had born. Later, they offered flowers to the full-size oil-paintings of Mahatma Gandhiji and his wife, Kasturba.

Mr. Kohli said that though it is 70-years’ span since Gandhiji had passed-away his thoughts are yet equally relevant today. He was not merely a human being but a thought. In today’s world of violence and spoiled environment his thoughts are more relevant everywhere. Non-violence is also a weapon against the problem like terrorism.

The Governor said that Gandhiji not only talked about his thoughts but implemented them too. His rules of the morality should be implemented in personal and social life.

The Chief Minister said that Gandhiji has given solution to all problems. His basic theories of ‘Staya, Ahinsha and Karuna’ (Truth, non-violence and mercifulness) are providing a right-path to everyone.

Mr. Rupani said that Gandhiji had defined the definition of self-governance to good governance and for that he had envisaged the image of ‘Ramrajya’. Gandhiji had advocated self-reliance through ‘Charkha’. He also emphasized on importance of the cleanliness.

Later, speaking at the same venue on another function ‘’Gramin Servagrahi Swachhta Programme”, Mr. Kohli said that Gandhiji was considering the importance of cleanliness at par with the freedom of India. He believed that the real freedom of India will be achieved only when total cleanliness is attained. On the occasion, the Governor and Chief Minister had accorded awards to 19 districts of the Gujarat for achieving top spot in the National Swachhta Darpan Competition.

The Chief Minister said that the Prime Minister Mr. Narendrabhai Modi’s pledge to make ‘India Clean’ by the 149th birth-anniversary of Gandhi jayanti, falling in year-2019, Gujarat has attained an important step in this direction by achieving it in year-2017 by providing 100% toilet facilities in the rural areas of Gujarat.

The Swachhta Darpan National Competition had attracted participations from as many as 681 districts of the country. Of them, Gujarat’s 19 districts had finished in first 46 positions. The ranks for the districts were decided on the criteria like construction of toilets, transparency, stability and others. Gujarat’s 25 districts had finished in the first-ten ranks, while all the districts had finished in first-hundred districts.

The President of India, Mr. Ramnath Kovind, who had flown in at Porbandar, termed the ‘Swachhta Mission’ as a service to the poor. He also launched disposal of solid-waste at 3300 villages of the state.

Mr. Kovind termed the dirtiness as a curse and stated that it spread many diseases. Gandhiji’s dream Bharat would be fulfill through Swachhta Abhiyaan only and it would be real tribute to Bapu. He also urged the people to join the Sachhta Abhiyaan.

The Chief Minister said that Gandhiji had given mantra of ‘Jaya Swachhta, taya prabhuta’ (God exists only in cleanliness).

Others who attended the functions included, Union Agriculture Minister Mr. Purshottambhai Rupala, union ministers — Mr. Mansukhbhai Mandaviya and Mr. Bhupendra Yadav, state water supply minister Mr. Babubhai Bokhiriya, Gujarat’s Gram Vikas Minister Mr. Jayantibhai Kavadiya, Secretary Ms Monaben Khandhar, collector Mr. Kalariya, director of district village vikas agency Mr. Dhanani, district level officers and others.

Source: Information Department, Gujarat