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Chief Minister visits the filtration plant under construction at Radhanpur

65 villages of Radhanpur taluka and 1.74 lakh citizens of Radhanpur city will get timely and sufficient drinking water through pipeline


Gandhinagar, Sunday: Chief Minister Mr. Bhupendra Patel visited the filtration plant of 60 MLD capacity being constructed under Radhanpur Group Scheme of Water Supply Department at Radhanpur. WTP, RCC being developed under Narmada Canal based BK3 (P-2) group scheme. Reviewing the progress of the system including coordination and he gave necessary guidance to the officials of the water supply department. The officials of the water supply department were briefed on the maps and the progress of the operation at the filtration plant. Mr. Patel did the inspection of the filtration plant that is under construction, further taking more details regarding the same he urged to complete the work in time.From Radhanpur and Santalpur group water supply scheme of Radhanpur group scheme, total of 1.74 lakh citizens of 65 villages, 02 suburbs and Radhanpur city of the taluka will be provided timely and sufficient pure drinking water through pipeline prepared at cost of Rs.77.77 crore.

Its capacity will be increased capacity from 19.49 MLD Of 2020 to 32.84 MLD by 2050 Will be delivered.

Out of total 251.05 km pipeline 315 mm to 90 mm. 213.30 km in diameter. Distribution pipeline and 600 mm to 250 mm. The water distribution system is currently 74 per cent complete with a network of Rising Main Pipeline of DIK7 37.75 km in diameter which will be completed and commissioned by next August. Under BK3 (P-2) group scheme 100 lakh liters for Radhanpur and Santalpur talukas, 50 lakh liters for Radhanpur city besides 05 lakh liters at Dharwadi headworks and 07.50 lakh liters at Gotarka underground sumps are being prepared. Meanwhile, 20-meter-high tanks with storage capacity of 2.5 lakh liters, 3 lakh liters, 3 lakh liters and 5 lakh liters are also being constructed at Dharwadi, Satun, Gotarka and Daisar headworks respectively. It may be mentioned here that at present in these villages of Radhanpur taluka water supply based on abyssal well is provided. However, due to high levels of fluoride, nitrate and TDS in these waters, the Narmada Canal based BK-3P-2 group water supply scheme was approved by the state government for its permanent solution. Which will solve the drinking water problem permanently. At present 50 MLD Water is purified and delivered to the capacity purification plant at Ranakpur. Under this scheme new 60 MLD Capacity Filter Plant is planned to supply drinking water to the villages of Radhanpur taluka and Radhanpur city regularly in accordance with the existing norms of the Government at Satun.During the visit of Mr. Patel, District Collector Mr. Supreet Singh Gulati, District Development Officer Mr. Ramesh Merja, MD of Water Supply Department Mr. Mayur Mehta, Chief Engineer Mr. Prakash Shah, Superintending Engineer Mr. R.M Mehria and officers including Executive Engineer N.P Patel and other dignitaries of BJP were present.

Source: Information Department, Gujarat