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CM visits Jai Ambe Mandbuddhi Mahila Samaj Seva Trust of Bayad in Aravalli

     Gandhinagar, Thursday:  Chief Minister Shri Bhupendra Patel has been gaining popularity among the people of Gujarat  with his soft-spoken, simple and kind- hearted personality.

    The Mano Divyang  women of Jai Ambe Mandbuddhi Mahila Organization of Bayad district in Aravalli had a chance to witness such a unique instinct of the Chief Minister through his direct visit to this organization.  Chief Minister Shri Bhupendra Patel was  on his visit to Aravalli as per his pre-arranged schedule and during this juncture he took out some time specially to visit Mano Divyang Women’s Centre.


    Taking time off from a pre-arranged program CM visits Mano Divyang women and interacts with them

    CM obtains detailed information of the service and  activities of the organization

    Taking care of Mano Divyang people is the moral duty of society: CM


    The Chief Minister interacted with the Mano Divyang  women of the institute very affectionately. He also obtained details of the facilities provided to women in the organization, also he visited each and every place of this organization to make himself aware of what activities are being carried out for the women. The Chief Minister lauded the service and  activities of this organization.

    CM also obtained detailed information from trustees on how these Mano Divyang  women approach the organization. Chief Minister Shri Bhupendra Patel said that, there are many individuals in the society whose thinking power is very weak in proportion to their age, caring for such people is the moral duty of the society. Jai Ambe Mandbuddhi Mahila Samaj Seva Trust takes care of such women. The work and visit of such organizations is a new inspiration for public service,” he added.

    It is worth mentioning  here that ‘Jai Ambe Mandbuddhi Mahila Samaj Seva Trust’ brings Mano Divyang  people who have no guardian-heirs to the ashram and takes care of them. Such people who are wandering on the road are brought to the ashram with the help of the government’s ‘ ABHAYAM’ team and given shelter.

    So far more than 350 women have been sheltered here. In many cases, women who are physically very weak are also brought here for treatment. 170 women have been successfully reunited with their family by providing mental illness medicine, warmth, emotion and love. The organization also diagnoses a sick or disabled person.

    So far, the organization has also conducted the funeral of 17 unidentified corpse handed over by the police. The Mano Divyang women who are taking shelter in the institute also expressed their gratitude towards this visit of the CM and also had a spontaneous dialogue with him.

    During this visit of CM Minister of state Shri Kuber Dindor, District Collector Dr. Narendra Kumar Meena, also President of Jai Ambe Mandbuddhi Mahila Samaj Seva Trust Shri Ashok S Jain, Minister Shri Vijay Patel, Shri Vishal Patel, Shri Jabbar Singh, Shri Mukesh  Luhar, Shri Vinu Patel, Shri Darshan Panchal etc were present.

    Source: Information Department, Gujarat