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CM’s decision to entrust the management and repair of drainage network of capital Gandhinagar city to GMC

    Gandhinagar has a sewerage network of approximately 430 km of pipelines from sectors 1 to 30

    Under the Smart City project, Entire work including under-progress work of the road-building department of the renewal of underground sewers in the capital will be transferred to the GMC

    Gandhinagar, Sunday: Gujarat Chief Minister Shri Bhupendra Patel has taken an important decision considering the need for proper management of the drainage network of the state capital Gandhinagar. The operation and maintenance of the drainage line network of Gandhinagar city will now be entrusted to the Gandhinagar Municipal Corporation instead of the road-building department.

    Since the establishment of the Gandhinagar in the year-2010 till now this entire work is done by the Road Building and Capital Planning Department of the State Government.

    According to the present arrangement, an average total of 66 MLD of water is distributed daily in sectors 1 to 30 of Gandhinagar as well as in 7 villages Borij, Palj, Vasan, Dholakuwa, Indroda, Adivada and Gokalpura.

    The volume of drainage water after the use of this water is collected from the houses of the residents and conveyed through the main drainage pipeline to the STPs at Sargasan and Jaspur for proper treatment.

    Gandhinagar Municipal Corporation has a total length of approximately 430 km of sewerage network pipelines.

    Following the current and future drainage water disposal needs of Gandhinagar, under the Smart City Project, the works of underground sewer renewal in Gandhinagar by the Road Works Department are in progress.

    This operation is being carried out in two phases, The first phase includes various works including replacement of all gravity drainage network with house connection for sectors 15 to 30 and replacement of ring road drainage network with main line connected to ring road for sectors 1 to 14.

    In the second phase, the drainage flow from the main line passing through K, Kh, G, Gh and Chh roads of Gandhinagar will be sent to the Sargasan STP plant, as well as the work of laying pipelines in the newly settled sectors 1 to 14 and construction of SCADA system including pumping stations.

    The operation of drainage system in other cities of the state is with the Municipal Corporations, the operation of this drainage system will now be handed over to the Gandhinagar Municipal Corporation.

    Source: Information Department, Gujarat