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CM’s decision to resume economic activities during the lockdown period in the state

    Chief Minister Shri Vijaybhai Rupani’s decision to start economic activities during lockdown as per the government of India’s guideline has received wide response and welcomed across the industry. On the first day of the state government’s decision to resume the industrial units in areas other than the municipal corporations and municipality limits of the state, around 6,000 industrial units have been functioning on Monday with a strict norms and guideline to prevent the transmission of virus among workers. In Gujarat 40,000 to 45,000 employees have started their job across 6,000 industrial units that have been operational on Monday. Among the industrial units that have been resumed in various districts includes, 1000 units in Ahmedabad, 350 units in Rajkot, 600 units in Vadodara, 250 units in

    Surat, 450 units in Bharuch, 600 units in Valsad, 400 units in Morbi, 400 units in Gandhinagar, 750 units in Kutchh and 850 units situated in rest of districts.These units mostly consist of chemicals, ceramic tiles, cement and small scaleindustries. Alang Ship breaking Yard of Bhavnagar has also been given permission to resume and it will provide employment to thousands of workers in the next two to three days. Considering the permissions granted to the industry in the state, more than 15,000 units are estimated to be operational in the next two days. The Chief Minister also appointed a District Committee headed by the Collector to operate the industrial units in the state, keeping in view the strict compliance of the guidelines of the Government of India including social distancing, while providing employment-economic support to the working-class people during the time of lockdown. The Committee has been given the powers to withdraw the permission, if the industries violate or miss the guidelines of the Government of India. Various industrial associations have thanked the state government and the CM for giving permissions to start industrial units. The Jetro-Japan External Trade Organization also thanked Chief Minister Shri Vijaybhai Rupani and the state government for allowing the industrial resumption, saying that as a result of this decision the workers will be re-employed. He also appreciated the commitment to guard against the transmission of corona virus strictly in the state as per the guidelines of the Government of India. It is important to point out here that the permissible industries have to maintain the factory complex for workers accommodation. Simultaneously, each employee must

    wear a mask and complete the procedure, keeping a distance of three feet and sanitizing the factory, etc. If it fails, the provision will be subject to cancellation. In the event of the current lockdown, a control room has been started at the Commissionerate of Industry, Gandhinagar, for the purpose of coordinating the industries so that they can easily work. The telephone number is 079 232 52535, and email :

    Source: Information Department, Gujarat