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CM lays foundation stone and dedicates Developmental works worth Rs. 1500 crores in Dahod

    Gujarat Chief Minister Mr. Vijay Rupanitodaylaid foundation stone and dedicated developmental works of worth Rs. 1500 crores in Dahod. On the occasion he expressed his commitment to make Gujarat a prestigious state. Previous Government did not have any interest in development except doing the politics and urging for votes. People were forgotten at times of development. In our Government rule last men of the state have also realized development.

    In this context, CM added that despite being in power in Gujarat for 42 years, basic facilities were not provided to the people.  We are glad to provide such basic facilities. Earlier, the state government’s budget was Rs. 7-8 thousand crore, out of an amount of Rs. 700 croreswere allocated to any one departments for carrying out development works. But today developmental works of Rs. 1500 crores have been laid foundations or dedicated in just one single day.

    GoG has always taken into account the basic needs of the people. Based on it we have always focused on delivering drinking water, irrigation water, electricity, health and education facilities.

    We have all faced water crisis in past government, people had to drink salty, chlorinated water, which led to various diseases. While women’s in remote areas need to move far for water. Our Government has is moving forward to make water scarcity a past. We are committed to provide clean drinking water.

    Giving the role of water supply to the farms through various schemes to provide better irrigation facilities to the farmers, Mr. Rupani said that, farmers of Gujarat has such capacity to produce excess and fulfill worlds hunger if they are provided with sufficient electricity and water.Past governments did not plan for irrigation facility.  Due to which farmers had to face many problems at times of drought.

    In this regard, CM added that the state government has improved irrigation facilities to enrich the farmers.To fulfill the slogan of ‘Har Hath koKaam, HarKhetkoPani’ (Works for every hand,Waters for every farm), the scope of work areasof irrigation schemes were expanded. Accordingly, we are also committed to provide pure drinking water to the farms.

    The government has started the KisanSuryodayaYojana to provide electricity to the farmers of Dahod for the first time in the entire state. Which will facilitate farmers to work during the day and rest during the night. In order to get a fair price for agricultural produce, the state government has procured over produces of Rs. 17,000 crores in the last four years at support prices.

    Stating that the state government is making efforts for the overall development of the tribal areas from Ambaji to Umragam, CM added thatUnder VanbandhuKalyanYojana, development works worth Rs. 90,000 crores have been done by the state government in tribal areas. Facilities related to education, health, employment, agricultural health have been improved.As many as one lakh tribal families have been given land rights under the PESA Act.In addition to the benefits of forest products, mineral benefits have also been provided for the development of tribal families.

    On the occasion Mr. Rupani also gave the role of Land Grabbing Act, DudhsanjivaniYojana, Eklavya Model School etc.

    Developmental works dedicated by CM include KadanaUdvahan IrrigationScheme Part-I of Rs. 1054 crore, Dr. Baba SahebAmbedkarBhavan constructed by the Department of Social Justice and Empowerment at a cost of Rs. 3.28 crore, 7.61 crore Government boyshostel at Zhalod by Tribal Department,Two health centers constructed by the health department at a total cost of Rs 2.40 crore and 66 KV sub station of Jetco at cost of Rs. 2.20 crores. Similarly foundation stones were laid for developmental works of KadanaUdvahan IrrigationScheme Part-I ofRs. 226 crores, Kadana based three water supply schemes worth Rs 213.69 crore,14.94 crore two falia connectivity scheme of water supply department and 66 KV sub station constructed at a cost of Rs. 4 crore.

    Minister of State for Home Department Mr. PradipsinhJadeja in his occasional speech said that, Fulfilling the dream of Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi to provide the best water facilities in Dahod district, the government under the visionary leadership of the Chief Minister has delivered water to every village and every house in Dahod.Irrigation schemes have not only brought water revolution in this tribal district of the eastern belt with the intention of enriching agriculture, but it has also given a great relief to the farmers by taking a revolutionary decision to make electricity available for agriculture in the entire district.

    Minister of State Mr.BachubhaiKhabad and MP Mr.Jashwant Singh Bhabhor delivered their occasional speeches.

    MLA’s Mr. RameshbhaiKatara, Mr. ShaileshbhaiBhabhor, Leaders, Senior Officials and dignitaries joined CM on the occasion

    Source: Information Department, Gujarat