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“Dhanya Dhara Botad” cultural program held on the eve of Republic Day

    Gandhinagar, Wednesday: As part of the 74th Republic Day celebration at the state level in Botad district, which is the Triveni Sangam of religion, faith and literature, a cultural program ‘Dhanya Dhara Botad’ highlighting the religious, cultural and literary heritage of Botad was held on the eve of the Republic Day.

    In this event, 225 artists enthralled the audience by vividly bringing Botad’s glorious heritage to life on stage.

    Welcome song with slogan ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ under G20 programme, Botads’ pride Tower Chowk and Character Based Narration and other cultural heritage of Botad filled with vivid visual and audio works, the program introduced the people of Botad to the rich historical, cultural and religious heritage of Botad.

    Source: Information Department, Gujarat