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‘Dusseshra’ is festival of ‘victory of good over evil’ – CM

To mark ‘Vijayadashami’ CM Mr. Vijaybhai Rupani made shshtra poojan at his residence

Ahmedabad, Thursday: Chief Minister Mr. Vijaybhai Rupani today greeted the people of Gujarat on the occasion of ‘Vijayadashami’ festival. He stated that the festival is being celebrated to mark the “victory of good over evil.”

The Chief Minister and his wife, Mrs. Anjaliben Rupani, attended the traditional ‘Shshtra Poojan’ performed by his security personnel at official residence in Gandhinagar this morning.

Mr. Rupani said that shshtra (weapon) symbolizes power and shashtra symbolizes ‘knowledge’. The proper and perfect usage of shshtra and shashtra always create a happy and prosperous society. Being a safe and secure state, Gujarat has become a progressive place. He also praised duty-boundness of the security personnel.

Source: Information Department, Gujarat