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CM launches e-Nirman Portal-Mobile App for Online Registration of Construction Workers

Gujarat to be the first state to take initiative for online registration of unorganized sector workers- CM

Gandhinagar, Tuesday:  Gujarat Chief Minister Mr. Vijay Rupani launched the e-Nirman portal and its Mobile Application for unorganised sector/ construction workers with an aim of maximum registration and coverage even at rural level to provide benefits of welfare schemes like U-WIN, MA Card, Shramik Annapurna, etc from Gandhinagar in the presence of Labour and Employment Minister Mr. Dilipkumar Thakor. He said that the development of the nation-state has been made possible only with the contribution of 82% of the workers from unorganized sector/construction workers.

Mr. Rupani added that our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has given the glorious mantra of “Shramev Jayate” it is the duty of the government to take care of the welfare of the workers, including the education, health and housing of their families.

The CM said that Gujarat is the first state to take initiative for online registration of workers from such unorganised sector / construction workers. He also congratulated as this process was also carried out by in-house GIPL.

Mr. Rupani clearly stated that workers have contributed seamlessly in the development journey of Gujarat. Concerning about the welfare of all such workers, the state government is committed to provide them with the benefits of all schemes with a single card by linking the U-Win card to Aadhaar for the overall development of the working class.

The CM said that government is working hard to provide relief to the construction sector and unorganized sector workers from the “Lal Chopdi” (Red book) and to provide the benefits of all the schemes of the Central and State Governments with a single smart card. Six lakh workers have been registered so far, he added.

Labour and Employment Minister Mr. Dilipkumar Thakor said that the number of unorganized labourers in the state is estimated at 82%, it is imperative that these unorganized labourers get the benefit of welfare schemes of various departments of the state government. An e-Nirman portal as well as a mobile app has been launched today to expedite the registration of all unorganized sector/construction workers.

Mr. Thakor further added that the labourers need to visit the government office to register themselves for various government schemes of benefits which took their time or they need to take a leave, but they will now be able to register through this e-portal and mobile app as well as through the Common Service Center.

From now on, workers will be registered at their place of residence and workplace. For this, arrangements have been made at 21,291 Common Service Centers in Gujarat, detailed Minister. workers will have to provide proof for registration such as Aadhaar number, bank account, ration card, income certificate.

Mr. Thakor further detailed that such unorganized labourers were registered in the state in the year 2015 in which a total of 9.20 lakh U-Win cards have been issued.

Detailing on the assistance provided by Gujarat Building and other Construction Workers Welfare Board in various welfare schemes for construction workers among unorganized workers, Mr. Thakor said that Under Prasruti Sahay Yojana, the wife of the construction worker was provided with assistance of Rs. 5000 and Rs. 2000 more (uchhak) was provided. But now with the sensitive approach of the Chief Minister, with the additional sanction of Rs. 20 thousand an assistance amount of Rs.27,500 is provided.

Not only that, a bond of Rs. 10,000 on the occasion of the birth of a daughter under the Chief Minister’s Bhagalakshmi Bond Scheme, if any worker dies in an accident in the state, the heir of such worker is provided assistance of Rs. 3 lakh under death assistance, assistance from the construction board in case of death of the construction worker is provided.

MoU was signed between the Director of Gujarat Labour Welfare Board with the Common Service Center and GIPL, to make the portal and the mobile app user friendly in the presence of CM.

On the occasion Additional Chief Secretary of Labour and Employment Department Mr. Vipul Mitra, Director of Labour Mr. Alok Pandey, Secretary of Construction Board Mr. B.M Prajapati, CEO of Gujarat Info Petro.Ltd. Mr. Maheshbhai Gohil, CEO of Common Service Center Mr. Rakesh Kumar as well as officers and office bearers of Labour and Employment Department and District Level Labour Officers and collectors joined CM.

Source: Information Department, Gujarat