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For beautification of Ahmedabad city, CM decides to handover five more state owned lakes to AMC

    For development and beautification of five state owned lakes located in Ahmedabad city, Chief Minister Mr. Vijaybhai Rupani has decided to handover them, at free of cost, to Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, today.

    Under the Municipal Corporation City Beautification Project, these lakes will be developed as the picnic spots. As a result of this, the people will get an environmental picnic spots at their doorstep.

    These five lakes are: TP survey no. 104 of Ambali in Ghatlodiya tehsil, 21,265 sq. mt village lake located on F.P. 6; village lake (55,391 sq. mt) located on F.P.8, TP 228, Survey No. 08 of Ognaj; village lake (22,966 sq. mt) located on F. P. 15, TP 221, survey no. 720 of Ognaj; village lake (15,783 sq. mt.) located on F.P. 938, TP 221, Survey no. 830 of Sola; and village lake (34,702 sq. mt.) located on F. P. 11, TP 217, Block no. 11 of Hebatpur.

    Earlier, the Chief Minister had handed over total six lakes to the AMC for their beautifications. Of which, four were given away in March-2020, while one each in June and July months.

    Thus, the residents of Ahmedabad city will now have 11 beautiful lakes to enjoy as the picnic spots for their recreations.

    These lakes will be filled with water throughout the year because the sewage water purified with STP technology will be dumped into them. As a result of this, the underground water levels in these areas will also be recharged.

    This way, the AMC would fulfil the urged made by Chief Minister to adopt an approach of reusing of treated water.

    Source: Information Department, Gujarat