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Guj CM crosses half-century marks of TPs clearance in year-2020

    Showing his determination to continue the growth of state at normal speed against the odds of COVID-19, Chief Minister Mr. Vijaybhai Rupani today sanctioned as many as seven TP schemes.

    The sanctioned seven TP schemes included, three draft TPs, two preliminary TPs, and two final TPs. With sanctioning of these seven TPs, the Chief Minister has crossed half-century mark of TPs clearance in the year-2020. In the previous two years – 2018 and 2019, the Chief Minister had accomplished the target of sanctioning 100 TPs.

    These seven TPs are: AUDA’s draft TP scheme No. 430 Vishalpur and No. 436 (Vishalpur-Navapur-Sanathal), Bhavnagar’s draft TP scheme No. 16 (Aghewada), Ahmedabad’s two preliminary TP scheme No. 1 (Memnagar) and No. 47 (Motera-Koteshwar), and two final TP schemes – GUDA’s No. 11/A Adalaj and Rajkot’s TP No. 9.

    With sanctioning of two TP schemes in Ahmedabad-AUDA area – 535 hectares of land of Vishalpur-Sanathal-Navapur area will get final shape of the planning. With these two TPs, the authorities will get 134 public purpose plots.

    With sanctioning of this TP scheme, it was 7th TP scheme cleared for Bhavnagar by the Chief Minister.

    The Chief Minister had also urged for prompt implementation of these schemes so Gujarat can take a lead in Prime Minister’s approach of giving priority to the infrastructural development.

    Source: Information Department, Gujarat