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Guj CM fixes maximum rate at Rs 3K for conducting HRTC THORAX Test in Gujarat

Ahmedabad: With an immediate effect, the state government today announced that the maximum rate for conducting the essential HRTC THORAX test for the Corona patient has been fixed at Rs. 3,000/.

This decision was taken a ‘Core Committee’ meeting held under the chairman of Chief Minister Mr. Vijaybhai Rupani in Gandhinagar, today. The Chief Minister said that every Corona patient must take HRCT THORAX Test. It has come to our notice that diagnostic centres in different cities of the state were charging the price of conducting HRCT THORAX Test as per their will, causing lots of problem to the patients. Therefore, the state government has fixed one common price of Rs. 3,000/- for conducting the HRCT THORAX Test across the Gujarat. If found that any diagnostic centre or laboratory  is charging more than Rs. 3,000/- for conducting the HRCT CT Scan than stern punitive actions would be  taken against it.

The Chief Minister appealed to the administrators of all the laboratories and diagnostics centres that they should be willing to give maximum discount in prices to the Corona patients.

Source: Information Department, Gujarat