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Guj CM inaugurates 66 KV 4 substations at Daskroi in Ahmedabad, Jaghadia in Bharuch and Himmatnagar in Sabarkantha

    • CM e-dedicates 4 substations of 66 KV and lays foundation stone for 1 substation newly constructed at the cost of Rs. 41 crore from Jhagadia in Bharuch to Ahmedabad and Sabarkantha districts
    • CM inaugurates 66 KV 4 substations  at Daskroi in Ahmedabad,Jaghadia in Bharuch and Himmatnagar in Sabarkantha  constructed at the cost of Rs. 33 crore manufactured by JETCO
    • Ground breaking ceremony of 66 KV substation at Kondh of Valia taluka  to be constructed at the cost of Rs. 8 crore


    Chief Minister:-

    • The state government in the last 30 days have inaugurated and laid foundation stone of 22 power substations
    • In the last two decades the government has built 277 new substations in tribal areas
    • Under Jyotigram project 24 hours of electricity have been provided in the hinterland 
    • Due to vigorous electricity management the life of the people have become comfortable as electricity has reached the villages of the state
    • The state government is committed to provide quality power supply in all areas of the state in the household, industrial or agricultural sector


    Despite the global shortage of coal in the wake of the Ukraine-Russia war,because of systematic planning in Gujarat shortage of coal has not been created: Energy Minister

    A total of 23,617 customers from 45 villages of Daskroi, Jaghadiaof Bharuch and Himmatnagar taluka of Sabarkantha will get uninterrupted and quality power supply


    Gandhinagar, Sunday: Chief Minister Shri Bhupendra Patel has clearly stated that with the commitment to provide quality electricity even in the hinterland of the state, this government has inaugurated and laid foundation stone for 22 power substations in the last 20 days.

    Not only that, under the direction of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Bhai Modi, 277 new power substations have been set up in the tribal areas in the last two decades.

    The Chief Minister was addressing a function organized at Jaghadia in Bharuch on the occasion of inauguration of 4 power substations and Bhumi Pujan of 1 power substation. Chief Minister also virtually laid foundation stone for 66 KV substation to be constructed at the cost of Rs. 7.62 crore in Valia of Bharuch.

    These substations constructed at a total cost of Rs. 33 crore will provide continuous and quality power supply to a total of 22,501 consumers in Daskroi of Ahmedabad district, Jaghadia of Bharuch Himmatnagar taluka of Sabarkantha of Ahmedabad district. And incuding 1116 agricultural customers  a total of 23,617  customers will receive consistent and quality power supply.

    Conjugating his commitment to make the state self-reliant in the field of electricity, the Chief Minister further said that the pace of development in Gujarat, the country’s growth engine, was guided by the Prime Minister. His team is constantly on duty to accelerate the pace of development in Gujarat, the country’s growth engine, under the guidance of the Prime Minister. It aims to develop all by focusing on basic things like education, health and safety.

    The life of the people who have access to electricity in the remote villages of the state has become comfortable, said the Chief Minister. Electricity is central to human life. The state government is operating new power substations in Gujarat by changing the method of power generation and distribution. Good health facilities are reaching the rural areas where electricity is available.He was pleased to note that government hospitals as well as private multi-specialty hospitals, industries, factories have flourished, and employment opportunities have increased.

    The Chief Minister said that if we want to know how far we have come today, we have to look back.

    In this regard, he said, When Prime Minister Shri Narendra  Modi became the Chief Minister,the people presented against him to make arrangements for getting electricity at night. The Jyotigram project has provided 24 hours of electricity in the dark areas of hinterland.

    Describing the dreadful situation of the power sector in the state in the past, the Chief Minister said, At the time of establishment of Gujarat state, only 42 sub stations were functioning in the state.  Between the years 1960 to 2002, 702 substations were built. Under the previous government, an average of 16 sub-stations were built every year, against which the double-engine government, which has been booming in development, has built 1459 sub-stations in a period of only 20 years between 2002 to 2022.

    That is an average of 78 sub stations every year.

    He also said that The government has provided electricity to tribal areas and far-flung coastal homes.

    At the time of establishment of Gujarat as a separate state, there was only one substation in the tribal area of ​​the state. At that time there were only 3 sub-stations in the coastal area and after 42 years there were 118 new substations by 2002, while in the last 20 years only 255 new substations have been found in the coastal areas. The Chief Minister said that he was committed to provide power supply to all areas of the state for household, industrial or agricultural purposes.

    While Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has taken many important steps towards the transformation of the country by spreading the dawn of development in the entire country, Gujarat is committed to spread the light of self-reliance in all sectors affecting the people including energy and education in the renewal of India, said the Chief Minister.

    On this occasion Energy Minister Shri Kanu Desai said that, Due to the foresight of the then Chief Minister and current Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, Gujarat has such a strong energy system that despite the global energy crisis and per capita power consumption in Gujarat, the state continues to provide uninterrupted power supply.

    Minister Kanubhai Desai said that water and energy were essential for development and added that the world would become economically prosperous.

    The Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi has made the goal of making Gujarat prosperous by delivering the water of Narmada to the ends like Kutch.

    Along with that, power generation has increased through Jyotigram scheme, Solar Route Top scheme.

    Due to which during the war between Ukraine and Russia there was a shortage of coal in the whole country but in Gujarat such shortage has not occurred under the successful leadership of the Chief Minister. While every person in the country consumes an average of 11 units of electricity, the citizens of Gujarat are consuming 22 units of electricity. Besides, Gujarat has also been ranked first in the country in the consumer index, which is a sign of transparent administration.

    MP Shri Mansukh Vasava said that the state and central government has left no stone unturned in providing not only electricity but also all the basic amenities required by the people.  He said that the new power substations would directly and indirectly benefit the people, including industrialists and farmers. He lauded the Chief Minister’s work, saying that he had played a leading role in giving forest land rights to the tribal brothers.

    At this juncture Asmita Vikas Kendra-Tralsa handed over a cheque of Rs. 11 lakh to the Chief Minister for benefiting 1100 daughters under Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana.  Managing Director of JETCO Shri Upendra Pandey delivered a welcome keynote and Chief Engineer of JETCO Shri K. R. Solanki gave the vote of thanks.

    At present there are 85 power substations in Ahmedabad district, 62 in Bharuch and 59 in Sabarkantha. The state government plans to build a total of 39  new substations in these three districts in the next two years.

    On this occasion Deputy Chief Dandak Shri Dushyant Patel of Gujarat Legislative Assembly, MLA Shri Arun Singh Rana, former MP Shri Bharatsinh Parmar, District Leader Shri Marutisinh Atodaria, District Collector Shri Tushar Sumera, District Development Officer Shri Yogesh Chaudhary, District Police Chief Dr. Leena Patil, DGVCL. Smt Snehal ,senior officials of the district administration, employees of JETCO and villagers were present.

    Source: Information Department, Gujarat