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Guj CM kick starts National Convention of All India Federation of Driving School Association

    Gandhinagar, Saturday: Motor driving school management system can fulfill their national service responsibilities by imparting traffic awareness, awareness of safe driving to those who come to learn to drive.

    In this regard, the Chief Minister said that the fighters guarding the border keep the country safe from the enemy. The Driving School Association can also save human lives by protecting them and making them aware of traffic rules and save driving which can save people from accidents. CM was addressing at the inaugural function of the Annual National Convention of the All India Federation of Driving School Associations being held in Gandhinagar.


    Minister of state for Road Transport remains present: Representatives from 22 states of the nation attends the event

    Driving school management can fulfill their national duty by teaching driving, traffic awareness, and awareness of safe driving: CM


    Minister of State for Transport Shri Arvind Raiyani as well as office bearers including the President and Vice President of the National Level and Gujarat State Unit of the Association were present on the occasion. Representatives of Driving School Associations from 22 States and 2 Union Territories of the country are participating in this convention. CM said that awareness of traffic discipline and road safety is one of the cornerstones for learning driving. The Chief Minister added that accidents are usually caused by small errors of the driver,  over speeding and sometimes even casualty. 

    We must resolve to drive safely, securely, keeping a track of speed limit and compliance with driving rules in this  way we can abide towards serving the nation, added CM.

    Minister of State for Transport Shri Arvind Raiyani appealed to the various state officials of the association and all those participating in the convention to inculcate traffic awareness among the people. He also gave details of the Gujarat Department of Transport making use of state-of-the-art technology to issue licence, vehicle registration etc. On this occasion, the representatives of the states greeted the Chief Minister by gifting the traditional artefacts of their respective states.

    Source: Information Department, Gujarat