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Guj CM Laid foundation stone for construction of Astronomy and Space Science Gallery at Science City , Ahmedabad

    Chief Minister Mr. Vijay Rupani inaugurated the Vibrant Startup and Technology Summit-2019 at Science City in Ahmedabad.

    During his address, the CM said, “The state government is inclined to accelerate artificial intelligence in the state. The use of A.I will be instrumental in overcoming the challenges in various departments. It is imperative that the universities and organizations promoting innovation and youth startups come together to organize a conference on the same in order to understand the challenges better and overcome them.”

    The Startup Summit will act as a platform in order to channelize the aspirations, energy and enthusiasm of the youth in order to reap positive results. Necessity is the mother of invention. Inventions happen when need arise. Gujarat shall soon be a leader in science and technology and its optimum uses in addition to new inventions and innovations in I.T thereby coming closer to realizing the dream of a New India as envisioned by Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi.

    Gujarat is a leader is health, energy, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, service sector and industry. Innovations and inventions will take human progress to the next level. Constant experiments in the field of science lead to success.

    “I am confident that Gujarat will soon emerge as the leader in the use of technology in various sectors,” expressed the CM.

    He further added that so far the state used to import technology. But today, over 5000 startups are operational in Gujarat alone paving way for an advanced and tech savvy generation. There will soon come a time when India and Gujarat will become exporters of modern technology. Organisations like iCreate have made the youth job givers, he said.

    During the event, Mr.Rupani visited the Startup Exhibition and interacted with entrepreneurs.

    Chief Secretary Mr. Anil Mukim said, “Gujarat is a policy driven state, known for its state-of-the-art infrastructure across India. Information technology plays a crucial role in development. India has come to be recognized on the global level in the last 2 decades in I.T sector and Gujarat has not been far behind in its contributions for the same.”

    President of Amazon India in Gujarat Mr. Rahul Sharma said, “Internet has made information readily available on the public domain. Students and entrepreneurs are now able to access information and use various services free of cost through data cloud. Machine learning and AI will determine the future.”

    The Summit featured more than 80 speakers who are renowned at the National and International level.

    Secretary of Department of Science and Technical Education Mr. Harit Shukla said, “Gujarat has earned the number 1 spot in Startups under Chief Minister Mr.Rupani. The department is sincerely working to maintain that spot.”

    Principal Secretary to the CM Mr. M.K Das; British Deputy Commissioner to Gujarat Mr. Peter Cook; senior officials, entrepreneurs and a large number of students were present during the event

    Source: Information Department, Gujarat