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Guj CM releases book titled “Sevayagna”- “222 Divas-222 Nirnay”

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Guj CM releases book titled “Sevayagna”- “222 Divas-222 Nirnay”

Wed, 04 May, 2022

Council of Ministers joins on the occasion

“222 Divas-222 Nirnay”- a book covering public interest decisions made by Minister Shri Purnesh Modi owned Roads-Transportation-Tourism-Civil Aviation-Pilgrimage Development Departments


Gandhinagar, Wednesday: Gujarat Chief Minister Shri Bhupendra Patel after the state cabinet meeting  in Gandhinagar today released a book titled “Sevayagna”-“222 Divas-222 Nirnay” a compiled book of the decisions taken by the departments under Shri Purnesh Modi, the Cabinet Minister of the State, to provide public welfare benefits to the citizens immediately.

This book covers all the decisions taken in the public interest by the State Government's Road-Building Department, Transport Department, Tourism Department, Civil Aviation Department and Tourism Development Department under the guidance of Chief Minister Shri Bhupendra Patel.

As part of completion of 222 days that the state government led by the Chief Minister Shri Bhupendra Patel these 222 decisions have been compiled in book form and published for public use.

Council of Ministers joined on the occasion.

Source: Information Department, Gujarat