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Guj CM sympathies with government servants engaged in controlling COVID-19, calls for extra care of victims through contacts

    Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani here today expressed his profound sympathy towards state government servants engaged in diverse tasks, controlling and combating the spread of pandemic novel coronavirus COVID-19.

    Mr. Rupani called for extra care of the employees and officers in police, health, municipal and other departments, who run the risk of coming in contact with COVID-19 patients or their carriers, as part of their duty.

    He continues to direct the administration through videoconferencing, asking high-level committees monitoring the situation to constantly review the situation and take preemptive steps.

    The CM (Chief Minister) as CM (Common Man) is also talking with the ground-level policemen, doctors and paramedical staff, safai kamdars, officials down to the level of sarpanchs, corona-affected patients and those isolated and quarantined, inquiring about their well-being, from time to time.

    As an elder among the foot-soldiers, Mr. Rupani calls for regular medical checkup of such government staff in the service of the humanity.

    Source: Information Department, Gujarat