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Guj CM takes important decisions to make the functioning of the Roads and Buildings Department more effective, timely, and efficient

    @ Hon’ble CM implements Rationalization of Regions for appropriate distribution of work among senior officers to improve supervision

    @ Three region-wise posts are to be restructured in place of Chief Engineer-State and Chief Engineer-Panchayat

    @ The Chief Engineers of three regions – Saurashtra, North Gujarat, and South Gujarat are to handle the Panchayat and State roadworks of the region. Supervision of work twice a week to ensure the quality of work

    @ The decision to divide the National Highway operations into two sections – North and South

    @ Annual review of Contractor and Project Management Consultant

    @ CM instructs quick and effective action, as per rules, if there are discrepancies in work

    @ The aim is to provide quality road infrastructure and increase the Ease of Living

    Gandhinagar, Wednesday: Hon’ble Chief Minister Shri Bhupendra Patel has taken a series of important decisions as an initiative to make the work of the Roads and Buildings Department more comprehensive, effective, and quality based.

    Gujarat has achieved exceptional progress in the industrial sector by receiving capital investments from home and abroad in trade and commerce. In addition, Gujarat has become a role model for development in the fields of agriculture and infrastructure.

    Taking this into consideration, Hon’ble CM Shri Bhupendra Patel aims to provide high-quality roads and infrastructure to the people and industries and increase the Ease of Living in the state.

    For this purpose, the CM has made significant changes in the work of high-level officials of the Roads and Buildings Department of the State Government by appropriately distributing the work and supervision of the officials, which is the Rationalization of Region, to make them more effective, timely, and qualitative.

    The Chief Engineers will handle the work of both State and Panchayat roads in their areas and will be responsible for the quality of the work in their respective area.

    The Chief Engineers will also have to visit the area at least twice a week to ensure quality work.

    CM Shri Bhupendra Patel has decided to divide the work of the National Highway into two sections, namely North and South.

    The Chief Minister has also authorized another Chief Engineer for technical audit and supervision of South Gujarat to ensure quality control of the roadworks.

    He has instructed the administrative wing to report on how experts from state government colleges can also be involved in the technical audit in the coming days.

    CM Shri Bhupendra Patel has given such instructions that continuous records are to be kept regarding the performance of contractor and project management consultancy. If the performance is not acceptable after reviewing the annual report, necessary action will be taken as per the rules.

    As a result of a significant increase in the budget of the Roads and Buildings Department, their work has increased tremendously. In addition, their work has expanded due to the increase in construction provisions of other departments.

    As CM Shri Bhupendra Patel has the Roads and Buildings Department under his direct supervision, he has adopted an approach to make the department’s work more effective in terms of quality control and timely completion.

    Hence, CM Shri Bhupendra Patel has taken these important decisions considering the need for appropriate distribution of work area (Rationalization of Region), so that the tasks assigned to the Chief Engineers of the Roads and Buildings Department can be done effectively, timely, and with quality.

    Source: Information Department, Gujarat